It’s been a good day

First day back at work after being poorly is always hard…I hate the back to work interview, I hate catching up on what’s been going on and I hate feeling guilty about not having been there!

But… I went back…interview= easy enough although I have been told if I’m ill again before April I will have to have a bigger interview with the prick of a community manager if not be put on review.

Catching up= easy enough, not that much has happened and what has happened was covered by my manager so I know I’m up to date

Guilt= well that can’t be gotten rid of but at least it’s not on top of the rest like normal it’s just a nagging feeling in my tummy.


I really wish there was a way I could tell you why today was a good day at work but it’s hard to do when I have to keep things confidential.


What I will say is that today I was within arms reach of royalty even though I hid rather that meeting her or being on camera.

The Princess Royal aka Princess Anne is a nice lady, she came to see a riding stables that teaches adults and children with learning disabilities how to ride. They had had a lot of expensive equipment stolen last year and had been struggling but had managed to raise the funds to get some of it back and had gained her attention (and possibly funding).

They do a fabulous job at that stables even bringing in a voluntary physiotherapist advisor to help them to make the most of the time they have with the riders. Some of the riders I met today were as young as 4 and all of them had a great big smile on their face when they were with the horses, everyone who works there is a volunteer and gives their time to make this all possible for those young people.

The horses didn’t like me…I blame the fact I will have smelled of dog.

I now need to clean my very muddy boots and trousers (surprise surprise I don’t own jodpurs or riding boots) but as tired as I am after it all…it was a good day.

Queue the pyjamas, a cup of tea, a good film and a pizza in the oven before I have to do my injection, take meds and try to sleep.


10 thoughts on “It’s been a good day

  1. It’s good to have a good day, isn’t it! And relaxing with the pooch is a great way to wind down. I love snuggling with ours!
    Our youngest is disabled, and his school take them to a local riding school for the disabled. He absolutely loves it!

    1. It makes all the difference! My Toby has made a huge difference in my life too, we just had a big cuddle on the sofa before he had his walk….it smells like snow!
      Sorry to hear your youngest has problems, it’s always hard on the whole family when there’s someone in it who does. I’m glad he has a good school that gets them to do things like that! It’s amazing the difference it can make to their lives and physical abilities to have that sort of activities to do!
      Has he tried cycling on modified bikes? Most big cities have it available somewhere and it’s great fun!
      Mel xx

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