Daily prompt…clean slate

The Daily prompt today was to look at the room I’m sitting in as if I had never seen it before and to write about the person who lives here….this could be interesting, so here goes…


The living room, the place where a person comes to relax. As I enter I’m greeted by a dog, he wags his tail and wow is he over excited! I say hello to him and he runs off to pick up one of the many toys that are on the floor squeaking it, enticing me to come and play looking at me with those big amber eyes. His tail knocks the paperwork of the coffee table in the centre of the room in his excitement and it falls onto the carpet where it looks like this had happened many times before as it joins the other letters and envelopes mostly marked with hospital logos.


I go to sit on the sofa, on the half of it that isn’t taken up with a cross stitch on a frame, the threads and pattern placed in order of ease of reach. Only one seat available, this person must live alone with this lovely dog because the other seat is covered with a blanket covered in paw prints.


They’re a film buff that much I can tell, there are DVD’s on every shelf, all in alphabetical order. They may not be obsessed with cleanliness but there is obviously part of them that craves order, to have the world put in it’s place and free from confusion, they’re even in categories.

The mantelpiece has African carved and other hand crafted ornaments, masks, instruments and animals. Have they been travelling? I’m not sure but these do not look or feel like things you could buy from a high street store, they’re lovingly placed there as if filled with memories.

A pile of washing on the dining table, clean but waiting to be ironed and put away, this person must be busy and can’t find the time to do any more than get clothes washed and dried, the ironing board in the corner just waiting to be brought out on a rare time they, sorry she (just looked at the clothes), gets the time to do it.

There’s such a mixture of things in this room, from skulls and dragons to plants and photos. They obviously love nature, the whole room is a homage to the outdoors from the colours and the plants to the pictures of landscapes and the moon

I’m trying to not be too hard on this person, they’re obviously having a tough time. There’s medication sitting on the coffee table…lots of medication and a sharps bin on the shelf. They can not be that old from the photos that are dotted around and yet they’re taking enough prescription medications for them to be a pensioner. I could read the letters that I saw around and find out exactly what’s wrong with them but I think I’ve been nosey enough. Simply seeing the fact that they were coming from a whole load of different departments tells me that they have more problems than I could have guessed from the room without them.

The dog has settled on one of the places that he could count as his bed watching me as I look around the room, as I have typed this he has tried to cuddle me, play with me and asked to go out. He’s obviously used to getting a lot of attention and taking care of whoever lives here. She’s so lucky to have him and from the amount of toys and other bits around for him…she knows it.



12 thoughts on “Daily prompt…clean slate

  1. Wow! This is great.
    I hadn’t seen the prompt yet, because of the stupid Reader changes, and I’m not sure if I’m as brave as you to write about the room I’m sitting in, and I definitely wouldn’t show photos! 😯 So I honour your bravery.
    Did you go to Africa? I’d love to hear about it.
    That room shows so much about you, your loves, and dislikes, your creativity, your present situation, and the love of your life ~ Monsieur Toby!
    Thankyou ♡

    1. Thank you 🙂 I only saw it by chance…the new reader is rather confusing when it comes to trying to find posts :S I was very picky about what I showed…nothing personal and not the mess lol but I like to include pictures so had to find a way! I haven’t been since I was about 4years old, my grandparents used to live over there and my brother visited with the territorial army when he was younger…I used to get tribal gifts from my Grandmother quite a lot and that’s where most of them came from, I really should try to visit my extended family that live over there just never got around to it.
      I’m glad you liked it…it’s made me quite emotional writing this for some reason 🙄 xoxox

      1. Maybe thinking about your Gran and family? Wanting to travel? Seeing your life from a different perspective?
        I think it shows a beautiful, creative, caring woman, who evidently continues to shine in the face of many obstacles ~ You.
        Are you of African descent?
        Take care my lovely, I understand how writing something like this could be hard. ♡

      2. It was more towards the end of it when I was talking about my medication…it gets to me sometimes.
        I’m not from African blood, a few of my dad’s side of the family moved there from Ireland and my Grandparents joined them when my Grandad became ill in the 70’s I think he missed it from his army days. Thank you hun 🙂 xx

      3. Yes, that must be hard, but I would prefer you to take them and be relatively well. What are the injections for? (if this is too nosy disregard)

      4. I’ve just taken the evening meds all 5 of them lol. The injections are a beta interferon that control my MS relapses, three times a week I self inject them they’re not too bad just a bit annoying. Course it’s not too nosey…I think I posted about them right at the start of my blogging somewhere when I was complaining about the MS more 😉 Most of my meds are MS related even if a couple of them help with my mental state as a side effect lol xx

      5. That must be so hard, I would really struggle having to take all the meds, and injections? That would take me a lot to get used to. So complain, heaps, it’s not easy what you have to put up with. You are inspiring, my friend. ♡

      6. My mind sometimes rebels against it all and I ‘forget’ to take my meds but usually I’m pretty good with them. The injections are something that I used to partially dissociate from and they did take a bit of getting used to but…I take them in my stride most of the time now 🙂 My best friend who has to do them too is terrified of needles…so glad I wasn’t when I first started because she really struggled with it! xx

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