Toby loves the snow!


Time to investigate


Wait what’s that over here?


The snows still falling and you know what that means!

Time to


Chase and eat them! Can’t wait till there’s enough for my mum to make some snowballs to Chase!

Oh and mum has said to apologise for the blurry photos but I just couldn’t stay still!!

15 thoughts on “Toby loves the snow!

    1. He is 🙂 and he may be getting on in years but he can still behave like a puppy when things like the snow come down! I’m ridiculously lucky to have been adopted by him, he’s made my life a life again and the best little furry therapist a girl could ask for 😉 xx

      1. that is wonderful to hear. My cat is like a dog. My father in law was here last night and Oscar was sitting at his feet durning dinner. And he asked what id your cat doing, I said he’s begging.
        For what? i said food.. He says but he’s a cat, why is he licking his lips, i said because he thinks he’s a dog LOL my cat is crazy.

      2. lol some cats think they’re dogs, some dogs think they’re humans and some humans wish they could be either! Nothing crazy about a cat who begs for food 😉

  1. Ah Toby, I’m SOOO jealous! 😀
    I think I’d chase and eat the snow too if it started falling in my garden right now! 😯 bol
    Hope you get enough for snowballs soon, and bark hello to your Mum for me ♡

    1. My mum seems to have enjoyed playing out in it with me too…you should have seen her last night sticking her head out the back door trying to catch the flakes on her tongue bol. Tell you what I’ll give her wags and doggy cuddles from you because you do make her smile 😉 xox

      1. Ahh, Thanks Toby, glad to think of your Mum smiling. 🙂
        She must have looked funny doing that last night, you’ll have to learn how to use the camera for next time! xox

    1. Hehe nothing like a snow day to make a dog happy! Just let him out again and there’s enough for him to lick it off the ground and munch it off the grass…he’s having the time of his life! xx

    1. He keeps asking to go out, can’t get enough of that wonderful stuff and I bet when you and Doggy venture up them thar hills he’ll love it too!
      Found it…you weren’t in the spam you lucky devil 😉

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