Toby visits the V.E.T’s

Hi guys, me again! Hope you’re having a woofing good day and looking forward to the weekend.

I’ve had…an interesting day with my mum today and since she’s still struggling to get out of the funk she’s in and write about her life she asked me if I’d mind having a go she doesn’t have to bark at me twice!

Well this morning we had a quiet one, the usual cuddles, out to see that it had snowed again so I had a munch on some of it as an appetiser before breakfast! Once it had had a bit of time to settle in my tummy mum started faffing about, she got dressed put a few things in her bag and went out the door, I assumed she had gone to work and took up my usual spot…her spot on the sofa 😉

After a bit of grumbling outside lots of scraping and scrabbling the car started up and went out the driveway…imagine my surprise when she came back in and put my harness on! Turned out I was going with her…but just in case she couldn’t get the car out of the driveway because of the idiots from across the road (grrrrrrrr I’d bite them if she gave me half a chance) she had left me in the house until she had!

So out in the car…I don’t like the car, it makes me feel woofing terrible, I’m usually sick 😦

When the car stopped (eventually) we weren’t at grandma and grandads where she usually takes me…we were at that building that smells of so many animals! I love the grass outside I can sniff at it for ages! We went in and I was a ‘good boy’ she said so! I had my weight measured and I had a bit of a sniff around (apparently I’m not allowed to pee inside, such a shame so many places I’d love to mark!).

394928_10151329079464484_1478670775_nThat’s me sitting patiently, shame there was only one other dog that came in and she was in no mood to chat.

I went in to see the lady who smells strange, you know the one, they call her a V….a Ve…….a V.E.T. She was nice but I was scared and hid behind my mum, the V.E.T tried to give me treats but I wasn’t falling for it….I waited until her back was turned to eat it so she didn’t know I’d taken them!

I had my shot 😦 and my claws clipped (much more comfy) then I was freeee! I said a quick hello to a lovely spaniel who wasn’t feeling too well and then we went back in the car.

Oh that car…she knows I don’t like it but there must be a reason we have to go in it and at least it means I’m with her getting to go to interesting places!

Like the next stop on our journey…Grandma and Grandads! I love this garden…it was my first home for a year or so and I love to be able to run around in it, it’s huge compared to the one we have now.

69657_10151329432864484_835797551_nI found my ball and had a good run around in the snow! I love the snow don’t you? My mum seems to quite like it too, she chases me around in it and usually makes me snow balls…though we stuck to the orange ball this time as I had found it in it’s usual hiding place.

250309_10151329435229484_1571979052_nI was having that much fun that I didn’t mind it wasn’t a snowball that I could eat 🙂

Once I’d had a run and checked over the usual places that need marking after my absence we went in to check up on Grandma…she’s not been well, she has that Norovirus that makes your tummy hurt and your marks smell bloody awful!

I gave her lots of cuddles and I think she was feeling better before I left to go and thank the lady across the road for my Christmas presents.

Grandad made a fleeting appearance just before we left and I really wish he could have taken me on a long walk in the snow…but it was getting dark by then and mum doesn’t like letting me go out with him so much any more.

One last trip in that car…I’m home again now and it’s …oh it’s time for my tea! I wonder if it will be something interesting to make up for the fact she took me to the V.E.T’s today. I was good! Bol.

Well I think it’s time to go and stand in front of the telly looking at my mum pointedly till she takes the hint….once I can make myself get off this comfy chair that is 😉




25 thoughts on “Toby visits the V.E.T’s

    1. Thank you I try 😛 I even put up with the B word to make sure I’m well groomed. Ah it turned out that spaniel was a boy…I do love playing with spaniels though so he’s still welcome to play with me any time. I try to cheer her up…the old faithful of bringing her toys and getting cuddles hasn’t been working so much recently though 🙄 humans

    1. hehe yeah it is! nothing like having a big garden to run around in and chase that ball….mind you I still can’t convince my humans to come and get it from me 🙄 what can ya do?

    1. She was, she told me I’d been really good and gave me treats 🙂 the snows deep enough for snowballs now so hopefully we’ll get to play in the morning!

  1. Ah Toby, I’m so jealous of you and that snow, I’d come and roll around in it with you if I could! BOL!
    Glad to see you’re taking good care of your Mum ♡

    1. Come and play catch with snowballs! You’ll never get any of them back because I’ll eat them….but it’s still fun 😛 I’m doing my best, she’s still not exactly jumping for joy and won’t play with any of my toys inside…but I’m working on her xox

  2. Hi Toby, sounds like a pretty good day, other than the shot part. Glad you had a play in the snow and made it home safely. Give Mum a cuddle for me! xxx

    1. The shot wasn’t so bad I didn’t even flinch I was more bothered when she tried to check my teeth! BOL There’s been more snow and it’s not stopped yet 😛 time to play with snowballs tomorrow. I’ll give her an extra big cuddle, can’t get enough of snuggles with her at the moment xox

  3. Yay you got to play in the snow 😀 I was thinking of you and your mum today when I was driving in the snow because I knew you had a vets appointment and was hoping it would go okay 🙂 40 miles is a long way to go in the car! No wonder it makes you feel a bit poorly. Still, sounds like the dinner made up for it. Night night sleep tight Toby & mum xox

    1. I know! I need to make my mum get her bum into gear and find a nice V.E.T over here so we don’t have to travel so far. Luckily the roads were clear and the worst of the new snow held off until we got home. Glad to see you managed to get to your therapy today! Would love to give you great big doggy cuddles like I give to my mum 🙂 I hope you manage to sleep well…I’ve been napping since we got in in readiness for sleeping tonight BOL xox

      1. I’ve been napping too! Problem is when I nap it usually means I’m awake until the early hours of the morning! I will imagine you are giving me doggy cuddles cause I think they will keep me warm! xx

      2. My mum tried but didn’t manage it and now seems to be in a bit of a daze. Oh I’m good at keeping humans warm, my mum can’t let me sleep on the bed when it’s hot outside! If you tickle me behind the ears it keeps you even warmer honest! 😆 My tail makes a great fan when it’s hot too xox

      3. You sound like my partner, who is also called Toby, he is a human radiator I swear! He doesn’t have a tail to keep me cool though in the summer 😉 xx

      4. Doggy Toby:1 Human Toby: 0
        😉 I think that’s why my mum doesn’t miss having a partner that much, she overheats in bed even when it’s freezing outside so sharing a bed with someone that she can’t tell to go to their own bed isn’t good! Ohhh he’s a Toby too! It’s the best name I’m so glad my mum chose it 🙂 xox

    1. Ah my little man is fine! He’s back home no worse for his escapades 😉 Ohhh a boys weekend, have fun and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do! (that leaves plenty of things believe me lol) just got a big cuddle off him he must have heard you. xoxox

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