The avalanche looms


The world is bleached

all colours lost

the mist surrounding me

encasing me from pain

and yet

Through the fog I see

the flurries of memories falling

drifting to the ground

ready to make me slip

come crashing to the ground

with nothing to break my fall

except icy thoughts

the fog is lifting

it’s protection waning

as my mind comes back to the world

and that pile of memories

above my head

threatens its avalanche

needing just one noise

one word

one movement

to bring it crashing down

to cover me and leave me

cold and encased

curled underneath it

whispering for help 

as my strength leaves me

frozen with fear and anger

from those insignificant memories

so small yet so many


12 thoughts on “The avalanche looms

  1. So well written, this brought tears to my eyes.
    Take care my precious one, keep yourself warm, and do something comforting for yourself today.
    You are in my thoughts and heart ♡

    1. Thank you Elyn, Free writing like this helps and I’m making some soup. The smell is comforting as it’s bubbling away in the kitchen. You’re in my thoughts too beautiful one, love and peace to you xoxox

  2. well written, and expressed. It almost made me feel things looming over my head. I hope that you are feeling well and things aren’t looming too bad. You are in my thoughts and prayers today sweety (((hugs)))

    1. Thank you hun I’ll be OK I just needed to vent it and freewriting something on here is…safe. They’re hovering but…nothings come in to land yet…the fog is still keeping them away 😉 ((hugs)) back to you too dear one, I hope you’re ok too xox

    1. Oh yes, we just got back from a nice walk with the added treat of going round one of the big fields near me where he can come off the lead and ruuuunnnn like a mad thing. My gloves live in my walking coat but I did add on a pair of thermal leggings and a neck gaiter and was toasty warm if I now hurt quite a lot (MS sucks when you want to walk your dog in the snow!) xx

    1. The soup turned out more like stew..but it was hot and tasted ok so it’s all good. Thanks Leo and I’m glad you thought it was good. For some reason if I write without thinking it turns out good, if I think about it too much it turns out babbling horse shit 🙄 xox

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