Planning to make the most of the snow?

Then here’s a few things you’re going to want to remember so you and your dog, (or just you if you prefer) can have fun without losing any appendages or gaining too many bruises.

So first things first…in the words of the Scout movement…Be prepared! What do you have in your cupboards for walking? I hope it includes the first thing, as far as I’m concerned they’re pretty essential for any walk with Toby.

Fig. 1a

A decent pair of walking boots, I never have liked walking far in wellies though I’m sure some of you will say they’re the best thing in snow, give me a pair of leather walking boots any day!

Fig. 1b

Never seen these before? well ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to the joy that is a pair of snow spikes! Oh and Tobys’ feet he wanted in on the action. You put them on over the sole of your boots and they do something magic…they stop you from slipping on ice and snow and falling flat on your arse πŸ˜‰ Though they’re a bit weird to walk on when someone has cleared the path you’ll be striding along those snowy paths like it’s a summers day while others slip and stare at you in admiration.

Fig. 2

Always essential when walking any distance in at number 2 is a big thick pair of socks to put over the top of your normal ones. It stops rubbing and the added bonus when it comes to these chilly days…they keep your feet warm.

Fig. 3

Speaking of warmth though I wouldn’t say style I do hope you all own a pair of these. I love my thermal leggings, put them under a pair of hiking trousers (preferably a pair withΒ detachable lower legs) and you’re going to be about as warm as you’ll manage unless you buy arctic gear and go out looking like the Michelin man. I have them in cream and black…not that anyone else ever sees them but I do like to have a choice!

Fig. 4

Ah a woolly hat, where would we be without a woolly and rather embarrassing hat when it’s cold outside and snowing like there’s no tomorrow? Well I for one would be very chilly and not at all happy. Don’t have one? well then you could always see if any of your socks are big enough to fit over your head or wrap a scarf around like a turban.

Fig 5a
Fig. 5b

Figures 5a and 5b should be pretty self explanatory, they’re gloves. You’re in for a shopping trip of joy finding the pair that suits you, could be leather, could be wool, could be mittens….I have most of those variations but these are the ones I prefer for walking my little old man. They’re thinsulate so you know they’re warm and they’re fingerless yes but…here’s the joyous part, they have mittens too! you can pull them over when you’re fingers are cold and take them off and button them back when you need to have some dexterity for things like undoing leads and harnesses! Genius don’t you think?

Fig. 6

A neck gaiter…like a scarf, sort of like a snood, but much easier to put on and take off and less bulky around your neck so it doesn’t feel like you’re being strangled.

Fig. 7

A pocket full of these is always a must on any dog walk. Scented dog poop bags…I love the fact this bag came with instructions as to how to use them πŸ™„ I always wondered why there are some idiots who don’t pick up after their dogs…it’s because they can’t figure out how to use the bags! *face palm*

Fig. 8

Lastly but not really is a decent weatherproof coat, you don’t want to end up half way round your walk and find that the snow has seeped through your coat and you’re now wet and cold and far from home! Obviously underneath it you’re going to need some other clothing (or not if you prefer) such as a t’shirt and a fleece, the number of layers I’ll leave to your judgement on how hot and sweaty you want to be when chasing after your dog in the white stuff.

I do have hiking poles as well with optional spikes to grip in the snow…but I can’t be bothered to try and take a decent picture of them and since I didn’t use them today….the spikes make them less essential but great when the ice is a bit too thin for walking on pins.

So there you go guys and gals…how to make sure your walk in the snow goes well….bundle up, wear good shoes, always pick up the poop and be willing to make snowballs. Wow I could have made this post a lot shorter if I had simply written that sentence at the start and left it there. But where’s the fun in that πŸ˜‰

Hope you’re all enjoying the snow in Britain, so many snowmen and snowdogs to build, so little time πŸ˜‰



31 thoughts on “Planning to make the most of the snow?

    1. I bought a whole load of stuff a couple of years ago when the snow was pretty bad and boy does it come in handy when it sneaks up on us. Awww maybe you’ll get a little bit at least! xox

  1. LOL, great tips. How much snow did you get where you’re living? We’ve been having snow almost everyday since the beginning of January. I am NOT happy!!! LOL Can’t wait for Spring. We keep getting 2-5 cm then it being cleared only to have a similar amount fall all over again πŸ˜› Lots of snow for the kids anyhow and outdoorsy types.

    1. Hmmm about 5cm…on the flat, I did accidentally step in a drift today that nearly went up to my knee lol. It’s our first few days of real snow here in Leeds! I just hope it goes away before Monday when I’m back at work πŸ˜‰ Grit…grit is definitely my friend I think. xx

      1. LOL, we use road salt or sand if it’s too cold for the salt to work on ice. But then again it’s Canada and I’m supposed to be used to it by now…but I’m NOT! lmao Nice Canadian I am, eh? πŸ˜‰

      2. Yeah I have some road grit by my back door for the bad days. Lol a Canadian who can’t cope with snow? tut tut maybe you should think about moving somewhere a bit warmer! xx

      3. LOL, my corner shop is 15 min. away from me! I really dislike suburbia living! πŸ˜› Do you have suburbs in the UK?

      4. Yep and I’m probably classed as being in one, I’m in a town that as Leeds grew was kind of swallowed up by it. my corner shop is about 3 minutes walk with a slightly bigger one about 10 minutes walk (that’s the one I’ve just been to) I don’t think I’ve ever lived more than 10 minutes from a corner shop lol. There must be thousands of them in this city πŸ˜‰

      5. That’s lucky! Technically I don’t have a corner shop if it has to be within a 5-10 min. walk. Aw well, can’t complain. Not like I buy much from my local corner shop anyhow. Prices are crazy!

  2. I love cold weather clothing, but I don’t have to rug up as much as you.
    I have pairs of mittens just like yours, they’re such a great idea. And millions of hats and scarves (I’m known for my scarves!). My hands and feet freeze in the cold so much I can hardly move them, so I use those mittens in winter when I’m typing on the computer!
    We don’t have snow where I am, it snows about half an hour away from me though, and it is all very romanticized in my mind, but I’m sure it’s a pain to live with.
    I once made a friend’s tiny dog a winter coat, it had a mane like a lion, sooo cute! Maybe I should make one for Toby so he can be the Lion King!
    Stay safe, and warm β™‘

    1. Daft thing is I don’t really feel it because I’ve lost sensation in some places…but I know that it makes me cold so I wrap up extra in those bits like my legs πŸ™‚ Ohhh half an hours drive isn’t so bad to see some snow every now and then! It’s not so bad when I don’t have to drive and I can just play in it with Toby! Hehe I could just make the mane for him, he’s probably a bit too thick fur wise for a coat. I made one for my ex’s dog last year and she loved it πŸ˜› She didn’t look like a lion though! xx

  3. I thought of you and Toby today. I saw on facebook a notice about how you must keep watch if your dog starts licking their paws after being out on gritty roads because the grit contains anti freeze and can harm your poor pooch. I’d never really twigged on that myself but I guess it makes sense! xox

    1. Yeah I’ve seen that before, I just thought it was salt and sand never realised it had antifreeze in it! I give his paws a rub down but I think if we walk on a lot of roads I’ll have to give them a dip in some water to rinse them off. The idea that you thought of my little man and me when you heard it made me smile πŸ™‚ thank you for telling me about it! xox

      1. No worries. You almost want to give the dog a pair of wellies of their own don’t you. I still don’t understand how their feet don’t freeze!! xx

    1. Lol it’s in Britain at the moment causing all sorts of problems since we’re not used to it. Ohhh the beach…I miss the sunshine! Have fun πŸ™‚ The only thing I’ve missed off is a backpack filled with water and thermal blankets…I would if I was going far lol xx

      1. the odd bit of light snow that lies then disappears pretty quickly…that we’re used to. But last night we had 4 inches on top of the 3 that was left from before…it has been hell today 😦

    1. We did thanks πŸ™‚ He certainly slept a lot after galavanting around in it and I’m just about recovering from it ready to do it all over again πŸ™‚ I hope you’re ok xoxox

    1. Ah let the envy subside, snow gets very boring after a few days especially when it turns to slush and ice…driving will not be fun tomorrow. The instructions on the poop bags intrigues me…I didn’t notice them when I bought them but really who needs instructions on picking up poop?
      Thanks πŸ™‚ decided it was time for a change and since this is meant to be a more cheerful blog I went hunting for a cheery design πŸ˜›

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