Snow sucks big time when you need to get to work

As some of you may have realised from the post I put on Scienerf about walking in the snow….we have it here.

The UK usually gets enough to make the world pretty but not enough to cause more than a bit of slush on the roads, this year it has decided that that is just not good enough and we have had inches and inches of the bloody white stuff.

While I was off work I didn’t mind, I had nowhere really important to go, Toby enjoyed running around in it  and it made the world look pretty. So why oh why did it have to decide that last night was the night it just had to inundate us with another 4 inches of the white stuff when I had to be in work for 9 am!!

I have to vent what happened today because it is making me very annoyed and low as well as giving me a lot of physical pain.

I woke up at 7am, opened the back door to let Toby out and he just stood there looking at me because there was so much snow that even he thought twice about it and it had somehow managed to make my washing line 3 inches in diameter :S

So the usual drill was augmented slightly, breakfast for me, get dressed, breakfast for Toby and then outside to try and warm up the car and remove as much of the snow as I could from it. I swore quite a lot as I realised that the idiots across the road had not moved their damn cars and I would have to try and jiggle around to get my car out…it’s bad enough when there is no snow…with 4 inches of it on the road and drifts of it all around? For fucks sake! I was lucky to not skid into their cars and only just managed to get it out at all as I became wedged at one point.

I joined the creeping cars when I got to the main roads, that part was not so bad, slushy yes but do-able then I got near to the house I work at and the area was gridlocked, as I crept along in the traffic my wheels span and I struggled to get along those roads. I should have just turned back at that point but the part of me that just had to get to work and prove I could do it carried on.

As I got closer, the roads became whiter until I got to their road and it was worse than mine to the point where I tried to go up a slight hill and…..couldn’t. My poor little car just couldn’t cope with it and I skidded backwards almost hitting a parked car. The ladies I work with spotted me struggling and came out, we got the snow shovels out and dug around my wheels to give them a chance at finding purchase. My car wouldn’t move though unless it was towards the parked one and by some miracle I managed to manoeuvre it past as my car span of its own accord and left me facing the other direction.

We decided at that point that as it was still snowing and was meant to continue, I would be safer going home, I passed my boss  warning her not to go that way and telling her I was heading back, I would call the other service near me and see if I was needed there.

Once out of that little road I had to go back up another hill. This road was being used a little more but it still wasn’t enough, the slush was just too much for my car and I made it 3/4 of the way up and it just wouldn’t go any further. I put on my warning lights and stepped out of the car just as another person went past and another came down the hill. Bless him he stopped and asked if I wanted a push! He got out and the man who had stood by watching me seemed to feel the guilt and helped him, finally shouting thank yous out the window I made it to the top of the hill. I think he understood why I didn’t stop once there to thank him properly!

Those roads were terrible, I was numb, completely dissociating from it all in order to cope. Only realising that I was pretty shaken when I got back to roads that were well used and gritted. I stopped at a petrol station to get rid of some of the snow that had slid off the roof onto the bonnet, to get some cigarettes, a bottle of pop and to use the loo!

I finally made it back to my street and was back to skidding and sliding my way to my driveway where I came to a halt. I couldn’t get in even though one of the cars had moved and ended up parking in the space he had left because I could hear my engine struggling and I didn’t want to kill my little car just to get it off the road!

I trudged into my house passing one of my neighbours out playing with his dog and little boy so I left the front door open and let Toby out, he had a nice play in the snow with the other dog and then we came inside.

That stupid part of me that just couldn’t not win against this snow insisted I ring work and see if they needed me at the other service I work at that is closer to me. They did and I told my manager I would have to walk there but I would do it and be there as soon as I could. It takes about 6minutes from my house in the car usually so I thought it might be about half an hours walk.

I got togged up in everything on my other list including my hiking poles and off I went. It took me an hour and a lot of pain to get there apparently when I arrived the woman who opened the door thought I had ski’d there. I did my best while working although I was so tired that if I’d had the choice I would have gone to bed, in so much pain that all I wanted to do was cry so I distracted myself by immersing myself in the work.

When it got to the time I had agreed to work till, I rang for a taxi….but there were none available anywhere. I togged back up again and went to try and catch a bus again getting odd looks for my apparel but I couldn’t care less. Off one bus a short walk and to another bus who turned up before I could even get a cigarette out of the box.

A short walk from the second bus was so painful I almost fell a couple of times….a walk I do every day with Toby was the final straw and I am now slumped on the sofa. My body feels like I have been beaten head to toe, my legs so sore that they are twitching as I type and when I stood up to give Toby his tea they didn’t want to work properly.

Why do I do these things? Why didn’t I just admit defeat and ring work to say I couldn’t get my car out of my road when I got back, that I wouldn’t be able to make it to the other service? Why did I agree to work so long once I got there?

Why does my dog still love me after I left him alone for so long today and will not be able to walk him after everything that has gone on?

I hate the snow, it can just piss off now and I’m so worried that all that torture for my poor car will be too much and it won’t work the next time I try to turn it on.



23 thoughts on “Snow sucks big time when you need to get to work

  1. Oh darling, you’ve had such a tough time, scary, and having to deal with so many other people, even those who helped you. You really did do a lot, and have had to pay dearly.
    Why do you do it? Because you are kind and caring, and take your responsibilities seriously. And perhaps it’s a FU to your MS, you’re not going to let it win.
    I knew the reality of living where it snows was not very nice, and you’ve illustrated that well here to me.
    I know you really want to pull your weight at work, but please try to think of your health and safety first. Coming home exhausted and in so much pain, can’t be good for your condition, and could lead to much more time off work.
    And Toby still loves you, because you adore him, even letting him out to play when you were so shattered.
    Please be safe in the snow, put your wellbeing first for once.
    And I hope you have a good rest tonight. ♡

    1. Thank you Elyn, I do try to look after myself and put my health first, it’s just when situations like this crop up I go into autopilot and that for me means….’keep going till you fall down or everything’s finished’
      I have a day off tomorrow so I will be relaxing and trying to clear my driveway to get my car back into it…maybe even go to buy a proper snow shovel if I can be bothered. Snow is great until you actually have to go anywhere…just strolling in it is fun…driving in it is not 😦
      That little bit about Toby brought tears to my eyes, thank you for reminding me that I do try for my little man even though I have reasons not to I refuse to be ‘one of those’ dog owners 🙂

    1. Sorry about that. Silly computer! Hit a button and the darn thing posted b4 I knew it 😛

      I’m so sorry today had to be so rough for you. You likely haven’t got snow tires either since it doesn’t usually snow enough to have them. That’s lousy but you sure are a trooper! Hope you can rest up a bit though and aren’t too tired and sore tomorrow. Even here, 4 inches is a lot and we expect it! But we have snow tires at least (except foolish people who have all-season tires that are not much good on ice or lots of snow).

      You guys must be setting a record or something for snow fall! I hope it clears up soon for your sake. Do you work tomorrow too? If so, maybe go to bed early!

      1. No snow tires 😦 and only a little car, today I’m jealous of all those 4×4 drivers.
        I think we might be getting there for a record round here at least…but then last time I remember a heavy snowfall I wasn’t trying to go anywhere so I wasn’t paying that much attention to how much there was lol.
        No work tomorrow, I’ve a day off thankfully! Time to be doing some clearing and maybe investing in a snow shovel :S Thank you xx

      2. I’m glad you have tomorrow off after the day you’ve had! Try to rest a little if you need to-no harm in that 🙂

        Shoveling sucks! As someone who has cause to shovel regularly I can say that with certainty! If you do shovel, you’ll want to keep your back straight and bend your knees. Otherwise you can end up with a sore back. If the snow is wet it’s better to shovel smaller loads to prevent your arms and back from becoming sore. Where I live, we get wet snow, powder like snow, regular snow that’s neither wet nor powdery–usually that’s fluffy snow, LOL. As you can see snow’s no stranger to us over here! lmao

      3. I’ve done some shovelling, it was a weird mix of all three types of snow lol with the added joy of compacted icy bits. Ah well the sun has been out so hopefully it will be easier to walk Toby this afternoon. I’m just glad I don’t have to do it on a regular basis! Oh and one question…snow tires? can you keep them on all year or do they not work well when there’s no snow around? I’m seriously tempted to go and invest in some! It might give my poor little car a chance 🙄

      4. Snow tires are only put on your car for the winter then they’re taken off and “regular” tires are put on. The snow tires have better traction than normal tires so you wouldn’t want to have them on all year or the traction would wear down quicker. Where I live, people can also put “studs” on their snow tires for additional traction on ice.

        Hope today is better for you and you’re able to have a nice walk with Toby 🙂

    1. I just hope it passes quickly 😦 I don’t even have a snow shovel here so I’ll have to do some clearing with a normal spade tomorrow in order to get my car free. I’m trying to be careful and looking after myself tonight with Tobys help. Thank you though hun xox

  2. oh sweety! Just imagining this ordeal makes me want to cry. please don’t ever take a chance like that again. There are so many things that could have happened besides all of that did happen. I hope that you will allow yourslef to accept your limitations and not feel such a need to prove yourself to you and your bosses. The nost important thing is that you stay healthy for you and Toby as well. I am so thankful that you made it home safe and I hope that the pain will stop soon. xx

    1. I know 😦 if anyone else had been doing this I would have told them not to be so daft and just stay at home, but when in a bad situation I go into autopilot and I can’t stop myself! I’ve already decided that if this snow is still around tomorrow when I have to go to work…then sod it all I’m not going unless I can go to the service that I can bus it to within half an hour. I’m still hurting this morning, but will take it as easy as I can xoxox

      1. (((hugs))) I hope I didn’t seem harsh. I was just worried. You know, many people, especially in the States, wouldn’t even bother and just let the governement support them if in your condition. I know what you mean about going on autopilot, I do that to sometimes but in the end, it was usually not a good move. I hope that you stay in today and let yourself mend xx

      2. Course not hunny, no more harsh than I was to myself or my mum was when I spoke to her last night lol.
        I do get some help from the government because I can’t work full time and need some extra bits of equipment in my house but…I just hated relying on benefits.
        I need to be able to switch off autopilot and take back control, but it wasn’t normal anxiety so I didn’t notice it until it was too late:S
        I’ve done a bit of shovelling and played with Toby in the garden but nothing too hard…just about to go and see if I can get round the block with Toby for his walk…fingers crossed the paths aren’t too bad! xx

  3. You didn’t ring work and admitted defeat because what you are is a fighter. That’s the imagine I have from you, the one of a fighter.
    I wish I had the tenacity you have to do certain things.
    I’m sorry the day was shitty, things will ger better, at least you are warm at home with the furry beast. Just keep safe on your way to work, whether you drive or take the bus.

    1. Thank you Leo I forget that sometimes! I wish I could remember that I don’t always have to fight though! Toby has been checking up on me a lot and making sure I’m ok 😉
      Tomorrow better be less snowy because I’m working again…and I’m not going through another day like that! xox

  4. You tried to get into work and then rang and still went to work, because you’re the sort of person that does the right thing and doesn’t like to let people down. Which is a truly admirable trait. But in future give yourself a break and enjoy a snowday when it comes your way.
    Rest up and give Toby a big cuddle from me and mummy. I’d imagine he had great fun playing with his friend so he’ll let you off the walk 🙂

    1. There were so many points yesterday when I should have just given in and rung work to say I couldn’t get in but in my line of work if staff don’t get in it causes such big problems. It’s days like yesterday when I wish I was still working in schools lol.
      He did have great fun and we’ve been playing with snowballs in my back garden today too…just about to go out and see what the paths are like could be interesting!
      Thanks Misaki! I’ll give Toby and great big cuddle from you both 🙂 xx

  5. You’re resilient. You’re strong. And you never give up. That’s why you called the other work place and walked all the way there. Just like cars. I thought my car was going to conk out on me after what I put it through down the motorway driving back from therapy and leaving it out in the snow untouched for days but its okay. Yours will be okay too 🙂 But maybe next time something like this happens you will stop and think and ask yourself if you could do with the day for YOURSELF. As my T says – people here are so over worked they jump for the chance to be off work if it snows or whatever. You give a lot to society by working – but don’t forget about yourself! xox

    1. Thank you Bourbon I really hope it will be! I keep looking out the front window to check on her (my car is called Alice) and figuring out in my mind how well she will cope with this drive.
      I should have jumped at the chance of it, called in saying I couldn’t get my car out of the driveway….but the guilt oh the guilt of doing that.
      I need a nice T like yours who will talk some sense into me in these situations 🙄 or learn to do it myself!

  6. What a lousy day. It’s unbelievable how a little snow can cripple a city. I ran into a similar experience when it snowed here in SoCal where it doesn’t usually snow. It took us about 4 hours to get home. They train for earthquakes and such, why can’t they train for an “emergency” snow day?

    1. I know it’s ridiculous, but apparently a lot of the trouble I had was to do with the type of car I drive most people had no issues 😦
      I just wish my road would hurry up and thaw a bit lol.

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