If I were

This looked quite intriguing when I saw it on a couple of other blogs so thought I’d give it a go….

If I were a politician I would be

Someone from the Monster Raving Loony party probably! Mind you I’d be one of those politicians the others hate because I’d want to change things in ways that wouldn’t benefit the rich.

If I were a pop star I would be

Hmmmm probably someone like Amy Macdonald, acoustic mixes of folk and all my angst. Either that or Skunkanansie…I reckon I could pull off the bald look 😉

If I were a film star I would be

No idea, I’ve never been compared to anyone in the movies and it’s not the actor I tend to like it’s the parts they play.

If I were in a soap opera I would be

The crazy woman of the street same as in real life.

If I were a writer I would be

I’d love to be like Terry Pratchett if I could! Create a world where I and the other people who read it could live vicariously 😉

If I were a book I would be

A sci-fi novel…one about witches, magic and a cursed person looking for answers to what was happening.

If I were a TV show host I would be

Psychic Sally, she’s funny, feeling and a little bit daft.

If I were a criminal I would be

Depending on my mood a petty thief or a hot blooded killer of people who hurt innocents.

If I were a religion I would be

A nature based Pagan religion, one that is based around the idea that what goes around comes around, the earth, sky, oceans and rivers where balance is the key.

If I were a mythical beast I would be

A dragon! I always wanted to be a dragon, had a dragon under my bed as a child and love them to bits.

If I were a Disney character I would be

Ellie the mammoth from ice age 2 and 3

If I were a drug I would be

Hmmm probably marijuana…slightly psychedelic, laid back, paranoid and with a tendency to increase food consumption

If I were an animal I would be

A wolf, I love wolves.

If I were a piece of food I would be

It would need to be something that had an awful lot of layers, a soft outer layer a crunchy one underneath and a centre that had a mix of a load of different nuts

If I were an illness I would be

A confusing one I’ll go with MS seeing as how it’s such a big part of who I am anyway it would only make sense!

If I were a mood I would be

Ambivalence: two conflicting emotions felt at the same time

If I were a holiday resort I would be

Ohhh one of those tree houses in the middle of a forestarticle-1307418-0ADCABF7000005DC-679_634x409

If I were a pattern I would be

Do you remember spirographs? The weird swirling patterns they made would probably be closest to me

If I were a tree I would be

A weeping willow, I love those trees. They’re huge and do best when they have their roots in the water dangling their branches into the stream or river as they blow around in the slightest breeze bending to the whim of their environment.

I often think of the ‘what if’s in my life it’s hard not to but at least these aren’t the kind that question my life and worth. I love to fantasise and hopefully some of these fantasies will bring sweet dreams when I finally manage to sleep tonight.


12 thoughts on “If I were

    1. I’m glad you liked it I certainly enjoyed trying to think of answers to it 🙂 I don’t mind at all, it’s one that seems to be doing the rounds at the moment I don’t take any credit for the questions! Thank you hun xox

    1. Ohhh now there’s a question It would probably have to be one of the Guards series I love Sam Vimes either that or Lords and Ladies or Carpe Jugulum I love all of them lol.
      There’s an artist who uses spirographs to make her work they’re amazing I could never get them to look as good as she does hehe.

  1. The questions come out of a self-harm workbook I have. 🙂 Loved reading your answers! Can totally relate to the kind of mood you’d be, too!

    1. I wondered who’s come up with them they’re really interesting questions to try to think about 🙂 Glad you enjoyed reading my answers I’ve liked looking at other people too that’s why I had to have a go!

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