it’s the witching hour


Awake with a start

from a snooze on the sofa

It’s witching hour and my mind spins

a sudden remembrance

of work left unfinished

Quick! press the button

to arouse the technology

place it back on my lap

where it spends so much time

numbers and letters spin off fingertips

living up to the expectations

piled on my shoulders

Now the window to the world is reopened

It calls to me

begging to show it’s addictive images

to let me speak

to those who would understand



9 thoughts on “it’s the witching hour

    1. Thank you Elyn, Fingers crossed I’ll manage to get some sleep later but now I’m awake again the internal fight against bed time begins again! lol I hope you’re ok xox

  1. Sending you sleepy thoughts..I have the most awful headache that is keeping me up so I hope we both find slumber soon. xxx

    1. Oh no! I hope your head calms down soon, so frustrating being kept awake by a headache 😦 I’m sat watching crap tv to try and help me nod off, craving chocolate though really wish I had some in the house! xoxox

    1. It’s starting to ease now, I think once my cup of tea is finished I’ll try going back to sleep…it’s 3am so I’ve got lots of night time left to spend in my bed dreaming nice dreams if I can find them 🙂
      Mel xx

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