Swirling chaotic order

Three words that describe spirograph to me quite perfectly. The old childrens toy that began life as a tool designed with the idea of it being used by architects and other engineers but really became a novelty item from a lot of our childhoods. I was reminded of it when I was answering some silly questions early this morning because I couldn’t sleep and as always one memory or image has led me to yet more and eventually to an artist I remember being featured on a program about old toys and whether they were still relevant today.

I’d like to introduce you all to Lesley Halliwell her art is beautiful, ordered yet chaotic, immaculate yet imperfect and a swirling vortex which drew me into it.


blue square detail lesley halliwell

29192918When she was interviewed about it and showing James May (the presenter of the show) her work, he asked her how she managed to make so many perfect spirographs over and over to make these pieces and she said happily that she didn’t. There are small imperfections in each piece of work but that just adds to the whole thing, the fact that no one is perfect, no piece of art is perfect.

I remember as a child I would spend a long time with a compass making pictures with those standardised lines, colouring them and trying to perfect how large I could make them.

Right now I’m wondering whether I can find my old compass and have another go at it…in fact off I go to search my stationary drawer(s) and find that old faithful little bit of metal.



9 thoughts on “Swirling chaotic order

  1. Oh I love this post, thank you for sharing her beautiful art with us! I had a spirograph as a child, I loved it. My mother took it away from me because I was using to much paper. 😦

    1. It’s that mix of childhood and beauty that I love in art work 🙂
      Oh that’s just mean 😦 go out and get one! they sell them again and you can play with it to your hearts content! xox

    1. Hehe glad you like it and that you had so much fun with one as a kid! I think sometimes we just have to relive those childhood memories and remember how much fun it was!

  2. I remember buying a spirograph for one of my sons one Christmas, and he thought it was magic, just like me!
    Love those artworks you found, very inspiring, and the artist’s statement is profound.
    Hope you have fun with your compass. xox

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