Gone AWOL…sorry!

Things have crept up on me.

Work has been tiring and stressful these past few days and will continue into tomorrow.

Where usually I’d vent on here my evenings have instead been spent filling out an assessment for an online long distance learning course I’m being made to do by work.

It’s due in today…it’s already late…the website is being an arse…I’m stressed and tired and don’t want to do it (queue small childlike tantrum with my foot stamping and a face screwed up and red from screaming)

I have to work tomorrow when it’s supposed to be my day off because the woman who always calls in sick has….you guessed it called in sick and we’re so low on staff no one else can do it.

Normal service will resume….soon….once this rather large blip on my physical, mental, working life radar has gone away again.

So for now, for your amusement and mine I give you…..

apparently this works really well...usually
apparently this works really well…usually

18 thoughts on “Gone AWOL…sorry!

  1. LOL and I am glad to know you are as well as you can be in the situation you are in..now I will resume laughing! too funny 🙂

    1. It actually made me giggle out loud when my friend but it on facebook last night and it still makes me giggle each time I look at it 🙂 I’m done! next assessment due in a month…now to wait the nervewracking time till she marks it and tells me how crap I am lol as I said to appleton…..poo!! poo to it!! load of bollocks so it is. 😉

      1. Ok I’ll search for who she is and where she lives. Actually a better plan is to do it to whoever looks after the website! I’ll start researching after the last nasty shift tomorrow 😉

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