ch ch ch changes

We had a team meeting yesterday…we were told nothing about why but only that two of the higher ups in our area would be there. As this has never happened before and the only reason we usually see them is for when we’ve done something wrong…we assumed that something bad had happened and we were in for a true bollocking.

None of my team wanted to go including me.

When we finally all got into the meeting (the bosses were late the annoying gits) and all sat down you could feel the tension from us all huddled at one side of the room and them at the other.

What was it all about? Well that is confidential but I will say this (since no one that they don’t want to see it will read my blog) the company is implementing changes and we will all have to go for interviews next week. Not just my service but every worker in my area will be re-interviewed to assess their capabilities. Sounds scary right? Well it’s not for redundancies but because the company is expanding and changing the way we support people so they wanted to give every one the chance to ‘develop’ and take one of the new positions.

It’s a big sigh of relief to all of us but at the same time it won’t affect our service too much and the interviews are not going to change our positions unless we want it to. I’m actually tempted. I would miss the people I support but by the sounds of it I would end up with less of the corporate responsibility I have ended up taking on…unless of course they decide my capabilities mean I’m better at that side of things and end up doing that instead of being a support worker. Even that doesn’t upset me because at least then I would have ONE role not be split between two, as it is yesterday I had to stay for an extra hour after the meeting to fulfil the extra duties…guess what I might not even get paid for it yey!

Ah well, I have time off! I’m not back at work again until Friday now so I have some more of that time I was talking about the other day, one more wash just put in the machine and last night I even had the time and energy to cook myself something tasty for tea!

Home made sweet and sour pork
Home made sweet and sour pork

Mmmm now doesn’t that look tasty! My friend Katie gave me the Hairy Bikers Diet Cookbook as a belated Christmas present πŸ˜›

I was so excited by some of the recipes, they’re tasty and healthy and even tell you how many calories they are per portion and because it’s the Hairy Bikers…they don’t skimp on the taste.

What really surprised me was that the recipe for this is pretty much exactly the same as I used to make with my mum as a kid at home. We took the recipe out of an old chinese food recipe book and though she missed out the garlic and onions it was exactly the same. It’s a real moment of realisation when you look at a diet cook book and find something you used to cook as a treat….there, exactly the same, no faffing.

Maybe when I cook for myself I don’t cook such unhealthy food. Maybe it really is just all the crap I eat when I don’t have the energy to cook for myself or the portion sizes that are the real problems.

I’m going to have to get back into cooking healthy meals and freezing them so that I can have them when I’m too tired to cook (which when working is most of the time) and maybe try swapping some of the beef mince for quorn to reduce the fat of my spag bol (mmm mushroom proteiny goodness).

Right well I think I’ll leave this post here….I’ll babble about the weekend at a later date…it was a good weekend though don’t worry!


11 thoughts on “ch ch ch changes

    1. lol not stew…sweet and sour pork and veggies I thought I’d put that in πŸ˜‰ nom nom nom. I’m hopeful at least and that makes a change! Hope you’re ok hun. xox

  1. Your food looks yummy, So it might be that ive only been up for a few minnutes, but is this work thing good? If so then YAY… your highly qualified to do many things yes? They should pay based on a cool factor, so then you could retire after one paycheck. πŸ™‚ Good luck with these new things.
    Enjoy the day.

    1. Hmmmm I’m convincing myself that they are good things…I might find a more suited position or I may stay where I am…either way I’m not really going to lose.
      Lol I don’t know about cool…if they paid for amount of useless information I can spout I’d be a millionaire πŸ˜‰
      I hope you enjoy the day too, it’s been good to me so far! xox

    1. Me too but if I don’t like the sound of it when they fill in all the details I should be able to stay where I am πŸ™‚ Hehe healthy food should always taste good, very few calories in spices and herbs! xx

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