UFO number two for today

Had to let you know that number two on the UFO list has also been completed today!


He’s a draught excluder that I knitted. I started him months ago but got so annoyed at some of the sections of the pattern I ended up putting him into the knitting bag and forgetting about him for ages.427358_10151402868554484_847041363_nHe’s turned out to be pretty cute! Now I need to give it to the friend that I had in mind when I started knitting him, she bought her own house and my plan was to give him to K for a house warming….ah well she can have him as a late house warming present!


8 thoughts on “UFO number two for today

    1. 🙂 thank you, I think so! It’ll be a shame to give him away but I already have a dragon draught excluder so really don’t need him and he’ll have a good home with K hehe x

    1. Thank you he is isn’t he 🙂 I’ll leave the naming up to my friend but to me he looks like a Jasper. Crafts have always been my refuge and with enough practise anyone can be good at them 😉 xx

      1. That’s always the main thing when it comes to arts and crafts! I enjoy it so I do it for me…when it’s good enough it goes to someone else as a present lol xx

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