I have an awful lot of UFO’s hovering around my house…no I’m not talking about unidentified flying objects, I’ve not gone that barmy yet but UnFinished Objects.

Unfinished stitching, unfinished knitting, unfinished drawings….you name it I’m probably half way through any craft you care to name.

But finally I can present to you another finished one **cheering in my head**


I made my snowman cross stitch into a bell pull style door hanging and doesn’t he look fabulous? I love the little bell on the bottom hanger that’s why it won over another option I had with a snowflake design…plus this had the top and bottom hangers so it hangs properly.

Now I think I’ll move onto trying to finish the knitted doggy draught excluder that’s half done and looking so sad in my knitting bag.

It’s snowing again out there…booooo I wanted to go to the supermarket but that’s just not going to happen in this weather. Ah well at least I’m not working and Toby will enjoy it! He’s already been out to have a munch on some of the snow that’s laid in the back garden.

I hope you’re all having a nice day with lots of productive fun stuff to do!


7 thoughts on “UFO’s

      1. lol, well it is definitely still winter, so snowmen will probably still work! Besides, it is your creation and your home. Do what you want! I would probably put it up for a while and then when it is starting to be spring, take it down until next Christmas xx

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