Anyone for tea?

Two years ago I got the following email from K


Iccle octagonal tea pot requires tea cosy. GSOH. Likes blue and gold,
tea, shortbread and cake. WLTM similar funloving cosy for afternoon tea and witty banter.

Her friend T who is now her partner is a big tea drinker and he wanted a tea cosy for his teapot. She knew I was getting into my knitting so she set me a challenge to knit one for him.DSCF5322It turned out pretty well and I got a thank you email from him with a picture of the tea pot that had the honour of being decked out with my cosy 🙂 He also put in a picture of another of his tea pots that was feeling a bit chilly and asked if I’d mind making one for it too.

DSCF5325It’s taken me a while…about a year and a half to get around to it but after K’s visit last weekend and getting some of my UFO’s out of the bag I finally got around to it. She helped me choose out the colours because that was one thing that had held me off doing it. It turned out he wanted it in his favourite colours because those are what he has his jousting/medieval re-enactment clothes are in (yes they’re both geeky and like to dress in funny clothes and pretend to be in the past but he’s an archaeologist what else would you expect).

This week has finally seen me sitting with my balls of yarn and my knitting needles to produce this…

66751_10151408829894484_1301053678_nIt hasn’t got a tea pot in it yet I just managed to make it stand on its own. I think it’s turned out pretty well but only a fitting session with the teapot it’s been made for will show whether I’ve made it the right size.

Knitting is so therapeutic, it’s methodical and monotonous just what I need to keep my hands and mind busy away from the nasty thoughts that tend to be going through my mind at the moment.

I’m going to have to search for another project to be getting on with even though I’m still working on the mammoth cross stitch design I’m doing for my mum it’s so big that I have to take a break from it every so often!

Right, it’s time for a nice Saturday lunch and I think the bacon is calling for my attention so off I go…only time will tell if I get around to doing some of my coursework or end up in my craft bags looking for a design that’s calling for me 😛

Oh drat either that or the questionnaire that came through from the psychotherapy people asking me for my life history…I had a look at it this morning and it’s going to be a task and a half to fill it out! I wish it was a tick box job but I actually have to try and describe my relationships with family members and any dreams I’ve been having. I’ll manage it eventually and I’ll fill you in on what I’ve written when I do…I’ll have to keep a record of it so I actually remember it I have a funny feeling the dissociation will kick in as I do it.





11 thoughts on “Anyone for tea?

  1. Good day, those are lovely, reminds me of growing up, sigh… And bacon I saw the word bacon… I’ll be right over lol. Hope your day is brilliant and full of joy.
    Happy Saturday.

    1. We never had a tea cosy as far as I remember…lots of tea but with an AGA you don’t really need the cosy to keep it warm. Lol I’ll put some bacon to one side for you…if I put yours in the oven now it would be a little black by the time you got here! 😉
      Here’s hoping your Saturday is as sunny and calm as it is here today xox

    1. I’m glad you like it, it certainly brings me a little bit of peace and a sense of accomplishment.
      I hope so too…knitting on standby while I do it just in case 😉 xox

    1. You do! The one I made for my own tends to be ornamental as I don’t often have company enough to bother using it but it does make it look pretty 😛
      Tea makes everything better lol.
      Thanks Red, glad you liked them 🙂 xox

    1. Lol as well as making them look pretty they’re meant to keep them warm while the tea stews…I do it mostly for the pretty 😉 They’re pretty simple really no fancy stitching and I don’t do patterns other than stripes (that’s easy) but thank you xx

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