I had a nice delivery yesterday morning by the post man from Amazon, the one and only series they made of ‘Firefly’. I started watching it last night and by lunchtime I had finished watching all 14 episodes.

It was a great programme and I can’t understand why on earth they cancelled it especially when they tried to do so half way through the first series and the fans stood up and shouted ‘No!’ They wrote letters, raised money, took out adverts in newspapers, all to try and keep it going. They managed to keep it alive to the end of the series but it wasn’t taken on for another one.

Now for those of you that have never watched it it’s a strange old combination of western and science fiction. A group of 9 people living together on a smuggling ship in the future travelling around the galaxy to worlds that the human race have all populated after some major catastrophe on Earth.


There’s two ex soldiers from a ‘civil war’, a doctor and his little sister who has been tortured by the government, a ‘Companion’ or cortesan, a female engineering genius, a pilot, a hard man and a preacher. There’s love interests galore plenty of action because they have no luck when it comes to the jobs they take on and so many enemies they rarely get the ‘Serenity’ that the ship is named! Oh the ship…Serenity is constantly on the verge of falling apart, being held together with string, hope and the talents of the mechanic that they have!

It was a fabulous series, funny, exciting, sad, moving and fans are still telling the big bad ‘Fox’ that they want more…but they’re not being listened to. The creator (Joss Whedon of Buffy the vampire slayer) and the cast would love to do it but there seems to be something about it that the corporation just doesn’t like.

They did however make it into a feature film, named after the ship ‘Serenity’ it is just as good if not better than the series!

wallpaper01_1280x1024-300x240The young girl who was tortured by the government turns out to have read the minds of someone from high up with a terrible secret that turned her a little mad. The film follows the crew as they work to find out what this secret is while dodging and dealing their way across the galaxy only to find that the girl who they saved ends up stronger than anyone else they’ve come across.

There is so much to this film and series that resounds with me that I’m so happy that I have them now! But I really wish that they would listen and make a new series (and show it in the UK) or even better, make another film about this crew!

If you’ve never seen any of this I would have to recommend it to you…how could I not when I love it πŸ˜‰



6 thoughts on “Firefly

    1. Ah Farscape I used to love that show I remember watching it when I was younger but not seen it for years! I’ve been watching the entire season in one go this weekend and once I’m done Serenity is going on πŸ˜› xox

    1. I hope you like it πŸ™‚ It’s not British it’s American it just wasn’t very well publicised by the company who produced it…they just wanted another series by Joss Whedon I don’t think they were expecting something like this and tried to cancel it half way through the first series even with the fans loving it (and fighting for it) so there’s only one series 😦

  1. Mummy and daddy love sci fi shows but bizarrely never got round to watching Firefly. It’s weird that it got cancelled especially since it’s still so popular. And yet other shows just seem to go on and on even thought they’re pretty rubbish.

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