one day weekend

I have a day off today after a very busy week and there is so much I needed to do. I’ve done precisely nothing, diddly squat, nadda, zip….you get the idea. Instead after a very bad nights sleep (the joy of shift work) I’ve ended up being in a daze of non-productive melancholy meaning the only thing I’ve actually done is sleep, watch bad films and take Toby for a much shorter walk than I had planned.

I only have today off, back in tomorrow doing an early shift which luckily isn’t going to be as stressful as I was expecting after a message from our Deputy this morning.

The care sector is in trouble, we’re underfunded, understaffed, underpaid, over worked and over stressed. When you’re supporting other people, you try your best but when the government is depleting the services left right and centre but still expecting the same level of care…everything turns to shit! How can they not see what they are doing? That they are just asking for trouble by doing what they’re doing to all public sector workers?

If you put a politician on the wage I’m paid not one of them would do the job, but the savings we would make on their wages would pay for more nurses, doctors, carers, teachers, midwives, police officers, firemen….the people who really make a difference to the quality of life in this country!

I don’t know how I ended up on this tangent but that’s the joy of my mind.

Well my forward planning, when I had some time to do it, I’ve been able to take a pot of frozen home made sweet and sour pork out of the freezer to have for my tea. I have drawers filled with dubs of home made frozen dinners and they’re so much better than any crappy factory made ready meals you could buy! It’s in the microwave at the moment defrosting away ready for me to have a decent meal even though I feel so crappy.

I’m falling so behind with this blog, with reading all of yours too! I try but after a 6 hour shift (that usually ends up more like 7) I’m just so drained that I don’t stand a chance of being able to get my brain to function, just one of the many joys of MS fatigue mixed with depression. Shorter shifts than anyone else I work with and yet I can barely function as a human being half the time!

Right the microwave has gone *BING* and is calling me through to heat up some microwave rice to go with the sweet and sour (the one concession to ready meals I will give in to) and scrum myself silly 😛


5 thoughts on “one day weekend

  1. Enjoy your meal! Having proper meals frozen is a great idea! Can definitely see how you’re so exhausted! Hope you get to have a nice break from it all soon! And glad you had a day of doing nothing! Hugs xx

    1. It’s one thing I started doing when I was a student, make up big batches of food and freeze portions so it turned out cheaper and easier to eat properly 🙂 It’s invaluable now with the MS and everything else! Thank you, ((hugs)) back to you too xox

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