tingling make-up feelings

Ok this might be a bit strange but as I was watching Edward Scissorhands last night and the scene where the Avon lady is doing his makeup came up I got the same feeling I always do whenever I watch someone having their hair done or make up put on.

It has always given me a tingle over my scalp and down my back whenever I have my hair or make-up done as well as when I watch other people having theirs done. I might be strange but it’s such a nice feeling and I love it! I used to get one of my ex-boyfriends to play with my hair just to feel that tingle (he was very obliging in that respect) but don’t get me wrong it’s not sexual in any way as far as I can tell.

After I got the feeling last night I didn’t want to lose it and ended up watching make overs on youtube for…well it must have been an hour or so just submerging myself in that feeling watching those people being pampered.


Pixiwoo…never heard of them before last night but I have really enjoyed watching them and for a tomboy who never really wears make up believe me it was a serious education in how I could do it if I ever wanted to.

I keep having mini flash backs to times as a child when the hair dresser came to our house or my friends and I did each others make up, times when I’ve asked someone to play with my hair to help me relax and felt this tingly head rush that comes with it. They’re not bad flash backs for once, they’re just little memories, little snippets of time that this feeling has brought back to me. admittedly one of them is about a sleep over I had at a friends house that was very stressful and me feeling a bit strange for enjoying the make over section of the sleep over in that way. Hell I just remembered that I even get that feeling when I go and see the optician sometimes!

Am I strange? Well yes I know I’m a bit strange and this post may never make it to the public because I feel a bit weird for telling you all this little bit of nuttyness. I’m like a cat who purrs when someone strokes my head, suits my Leo star sign I guess and I do miss having someone around who is willing to do it. Even when I was living with some of my friends we would be willing to play with each others hair in this way to relax and have some girlie time but now I’m on my own and my friends are spreading out, we just don’t have the time for silly things like that.

So…I’m going to have to do a poll on this one and I’d really appreciate your input



9 thoughts on “tingling make-up feelings

  1. Im so with you on this, if I can be corny on you blog for one sec for me holding hands does the same thing. Not a sexual thing just one of those wierd comfort things.
    Happy Monday.
    πŸ˜€ Giant smiles because you rule!!!

    1. Hehe nothing wrong with adding a bit of corn to the mix! I don’t get it with holding hands but I have had it when I’ve had a cuddle off some people. Happy Monday to you too Benjamin and indeed it’s a very happy Monday with me not working! lol Aww shucks 😳 thank you xox

  2. I don’t get tingles, but I’m glad this has good memories and makes you feel relaxed! I do like it when people do my hair though, it feels nice. And I don’t think you’re strange! πŸ™‚ xx

    1. Hehe Glad to hear it! I’ve accepted I’m odd mind you and embraced a lot of the strangeness there’s just some things that make me feel more segregated than others πŸ˜‰ xox

  3. I love that tingly feeling when someone is playing with my hair. Doesn’t happen a lot now come to think of it; damn I miss that feeling! I told my sister once and she said I was disgusting; but you’re right there is nothing sexual about it! You’re not alone =D xx

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