A Saturday where the sun shone

IMAG0492I was woken up this morning at 7am by Toby, this doesn’t happen very often usually he’ll let me sleep as long as I want but this morning I must have made a strange noise so he came to join me on the bed and woke me up.

Ah well I was awake so once we were up, had coffee and he’d had his breakfast I got started on my washing. I’ve run out of clothes this week after working so much so it’s kind of essential that I got it done today! It was lovely and sunny (once the sun had come up at least) so for the first time this year I actually managed to put the washing on the line outside to dry in the breeze!


Toby had to guard it in the sunshine of course!

Three loads of washing done today and most of it is dry it’s a miracle! Or at least it feels like one after last year and all the rain we had.

While I was doing all this I had a phone call from my mother, she wanted to take me out to live up to my parents promise of a new sofa at Christmas.

I was going to be waiting for a while before she got here so I nipped out to the butchers in that time because I’d run out of meat to make Tobys’ food and needed some for me too. I must have timed it just right because the place was nice and quiet which on a Saturday is a rarity.

Home and to make some breakfast for me since I hadn’t had it yet, I mis-timed it though and mum knocked on the door just as it was all ready so I split it between us before we headed out.

We went to a local shopping centre that had at least four different furniture shops and though we were both in pain went wandering round three of them to see if there was anything that I a) liked and b) could go into my house.

Luck really must have been on my side today, in the first shop we met a nice sales assistant who didn’t push anything just offered us some very helpful bits of information. Did you know that though a recliner sofa is bigger you’re more likely to get it into your house because it comes in pieces? I had no idea! Shop number two and discount shops obviously come with discount service because the idiot in there had a horrible manner and was ever so pushy which made us basically walk out the door straight to the next place.

As we walked in the door a nice lady greeted us and gave us a bit of guidance as to where the different types of sofas were, as we wandered around she made us a cup of coffee without us asking and when we had finally found a sofa I quite liked came to sit and chat to us. I knew I was getting anxious at that point and didn’t want to choose with her sitting there so I said to her that I would go outside for a cigarette and think about it (thinking that if I needed to it was a good way to get away).

We stood outside in the sun and debated the two sofas we had found (one in each of the nice shops) finally coming to the conclusion that sofa number two was the better option. It was fabric the first was leather and though leather is nice it shows wear faster, it was a better size than the first one and could come in a few different colours that would work well for me.

When we went back inside she found us again quickly and took us back to the sofa to sit down and do all the paperwork, it will be coming in six to eight weeks and I can’t wait!

This is the style but not the colour I've gone for.
This is the style but not the colour I’ve gone for.

They can’t collect the old sofa due to some health and safety malarky that has come in about old and new sofas not being transported in the same vans. But they’ve given me a leaflet of a company that they recommend to come and collect it who will face the unenviable task of getting it out of my house!

This is the colour I've gone for, though it looks a little bleached in the photo
This is the colour I’ve gone for, though it looks a little bleached in the photo

The whole experience was a lot less stressful than I expected, always a pleasant surprise when it happens like that!

We stopped off and got a KFC to take back to my house deciding that we both deserved a treat after a tough week and a painful shopping experience. Neither of our painkillers seemed to be that effective today for some reason but slumping on my old settee at home with some chicken definitely made things a bit better.

I had gotten to the point by the time we had eaten that my fatigue was taking over and I just wanted to be alone so that I could nap. I don’t think she got the hint until I fell asleep sitting up on the sofa next to her and after she let me doze a little while she woke me up to say she was leaving.

I thanked her again as I let her out then went straight back to sleep on the sofa for an hour or so, I was so tired out just from what I had done this morning that I could have slept for four! When I woke up it was still sunny but getting close to sunset so I got myself in gear and took Toby for a short walk before coming back and sorting out the washing that was on the line as dusk settled over my little section of the world. That reminds me there are still some towels out there that I must get in before it gets frosty outside!

Toby has some food made up, in trays and now all that needs is to find space for it in the freezer though that could be easier said than done.

It makes such a difference to have the sun back and to have a day off where I actually manage to get some things done that I’ve been meaning to tackle for so long! You never know, maybe tomorrow I’ll actually get around to putting up the floating shelf in my bedroom that I painted a couple of weeks ago. I’m even mostly managing to keep the bad thoughts out of my head, ignoring the nagging feeling that I should be doing something for work and that I’m going to have to tell my manager off for not sorting out the whole hours conundrum yet (I’ve been looking at the rota and things do not look good).

Here’s hoping that all of you out there have had a pleasant Saturday, that the sun has shone on your lives and luck has favoured you šŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “A Saturday where the sun shone

    1. It definitely does I’ve missed the sun shining so much! I had a peaceful evening of nothing much and plan to make the most of today too it’s so rare that I have the whole weekend not working! I hope you’re having a nice weekend šŸ™‚ xox

  1. Love the new sofa, can’t wait to see a photo once it is in place! I’m glad you had a good day and I hope tomorrow is just a grand. xxx

    1. šŸ™‚ I can’t wait to have a comfy new one, this one has definitely seen better days. It’s the first really new sofa I’ve ever owned! I hope you’re having a good weekend too hun xoxox

    1. Ah that’s because the sofa in the photo is just a display model they’re making mine from scratch in the colour I want šŸ˜› I’m in no hurry for it it gives me time to clean my house so they can get it in here easily! lol

    1. Lol I hope so too but he’ll have less space to squeeze in between people if there’s two on it! It’ll give him a shock the first time I use the recliner on it I can see it now šŸ˜‰

  2. Sounds like a fab day, and productive. I get what you mean about the fatigue. Sometimes it hits me suddenly like a brick, unexpected, thinking I hadn’t done that much. Glad you got so much done. I know how it goes some days.

    1. The joys of MS eh! Fatigue is the bane of my life especially at work and trying to explain it to people who don’t struggle with it really don’t get how difficult it can be. I hope you’re ok, thanks for letting me know you understand šŸ™‚ xx

      1. I am struggling big time with fatigue right now. I can run one errand, then I need a nap. No one can understand this fatigue without suffering from it themselves.

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