Mum found some energy from somewhere!!

Don’t worry it’s only Toby taking over again, my mum is still capput from working the past three nights and hasn’t managed to switch off yet so I said that I would put up a post to let people know we’re OK.

It’s been a tough few days, well weeks really with mostly short walks and a distinct lack of having my mum around! When she has been at home she’s been tired, cranky and not in the mood to play no matter how many toys I bring her. She usually accepts me cuddles though bol!

Today though she’s at home! I’m assuming since she’s not gone yet that she’s not working today which means…you guessed it lots of cuddles and play time for me 😉 We got ready for our walk a little while ago and I got a lovely surprise when she took a turn down the bridal path that goes past the horses and onto the fields where I can RUN!


My mum got so annoyed at the fact that someone or lots of someones’ have been flytipping down this lane after she fought so hard to get it tidied up that she made me stop so she could take pictures…disgusting isn’t it!

IMAG0500 IMAG0501 IMAG0502

IMAG0499 IMAG0503 IMAG0505

Luckily once we got past the bit of the lane that has houses on one side of it and the stables on the other the rubbish was limited to the odd sweety wrapper and we could settle into our walk though she did keep taking pictures I didn’t have to stop any more


IMAG0507 IMAG0508 IMAG0506


We stopped to have a chat with the horses, mum got a bit upset when she realised that this one had what looked like a muzzle on and it couldn’t eat. I didn’t mind so much because it meant I could say hello to it without worrying about it nipping my nose BOL. Another one came along while we were chatting to it that I wasn’t so keen on though. It was being too friendly with my mum and baring its teeth so I wanted to give it a warning nip…I got told off 😦 She knows I wouldn’t really hurt a horse but it was being far too bossy for its big boots.

IMAG0511  IMAG0512 IMAG0513

There were lots and lots of other horses up in that field but once we got out into the big open spaces I wasn’t bothered about them so much and it was time to get my paws moving and investigate!


There were so many sniffs to sniff and so many things to look at I kept leaving my mum behind a little as her legs were struggling but she didn’t mind because I always came back when she called 😉IMAG0517   

I didn’t meet any other dogs as we went round and I was a little disappointed until we got back to the pavements where lo and behold there was a friendly little westie behind a gate and a very over excitable white American bulldog outside the shop who I would have loved to play with but…those darn leads get in the way!

All in ball it’s been a woofing great day and now it’s time to go flop on the chair until tea time. My mum is very tired and seems to be saying ‘Ow!’ a lot today…maybe if I bring her another toy she’ll feel better 😛



13 thoughts on “Mum found some energy from somewhere!!

  1. Oh Toby that looks like a great walk! Wish I’d been there with you 🙂
    At first I thought that horse had got its nose stuck in a plant pot!!
    Hope your council sort out the fly-tipping, such a shame some people have to ruin nice places like that:-(

    1. We’d have had great fun stalking the horses and playing chase through the grass! It’s a shame we don’t live opposite the entrance or I bet my mum would let the council put a camera up to catch the sneaky rats that are doing it.
      BOL that’s what my mum thought it was too! It was only when she saw the straps she realised it wasn’t 😛

  2. Yay it looks as tho you and pup had a great time, sans the litter 😦 that as not good. Glad to see you out and about, I’m just going to do the same.

    1. It was a nice walk if rather painful and I’m paying for it now. It was lovely to be in the fresh air with Toby instead of for work or stuck inside! xoxox

  3. Aw Toby I’m glad you and your mom are okay. That rubbish/litter is unfortunate though 😦 Your walking path looks very nice. I thought the horse had a plant pot on its nose-didn’t know they made horse muzzles! At least you could see the horse though 🙂

    1. 😛 all the better for mum having some time off work these next few days! Bol my mum thought he did too and sounds like most other people thought that at first too! He must have been very naughty, I’ve only ever had to wear a muzzle once when I first got rescued and went to the vets, been a good boy since then! 😛

      1. LOL, I am happy you are a good boy and don’t need a muzzle like the naughty horse! 😀

        Tell mom to enjoy her time off and play with you lots 🙂

  4. That looked like an amazing walk! What I would give to go on a walk like that and blow all the cobwebs away! I hope you are both resting/sleeping soundly xx

    1. I bet there must be somewhere nice you can go for a walk near you! I’m just lucky that lane leads off my street and we can do a round walk through the fields, you wouldn’t believe I live in a city to look at those pictures 🙂

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