DIY won’t beat me!

I have had a floating shelf sitting and waiting to be put up in my bedroom for …well it must be months at least. It sat there for so long because I wanted to paint it and because I was wary of drilling into the walls and making a mess.

In the last month I finally got around to painting said shelf and yesterday I bit the bullet, got out the drill I had and went for it!

Slight problem…after an inch it wouldn’t budge, the wall was determined to not let me drill any further and the drill wasn’t happy about it either. After a bit of consultation with my dad it turned out the drill he had let me have wasn’t a hammer drill and that was why it wouldn’t go through masonry. By the time I had found this out, gotten over the disappointment and decided to look at how much a hammer drill would cost…it was time for the stores to all close. But thanks to the internet I found out that B & Q did a corded hammer drill for £14.98. After perusing the reviews and finding that all the people who had reviewed it said for the price it was a really good little piece of equipment, that so long as you didn’t expect too much from it or over work it, it was great value, I made the decision to buy it.

I planned to get to the store as soon as it opened and told my mum this when she rang at the normal time. There was that pause in her voice that comes when she is disappointed or annoyed…I know that pause too well…which was followed by a disappointed voice saying ‘So you won’t be here for lunch then’. I explained my plan, it opened at 10am, I would be home again by 10.30am as it is only around the corner from me, I would get everything ready before I left so as soon as I got home, Toby and I would get in the car and head straight over.

She was not convinced. How many times do I have to prove to her that I can organise myself when I need to? That I am able to do things for myself as well as keeping them all happy before she stops doubting me?

Anyway…Even after the crappest nights sleep I’ve had in some time including waking up so hot and sweaty from bad dreams that I thought I’d never get back to sleep I got up as planned, organised myself as planned, went to B&Q as planned, got home as planned and drove over to my parents house arriving there for about 11.15 am earlier than planned. So there mother, in your face you judgemental idiot, I’ve stressed myself out this morning just for you are you happy now?

I sat and did some wool crafts at their house to keep my mind off things, had lunch, let Toby run around chasing balls in their big garden, argued with some patterns for lacey knitting, took some of the boxes of paperwork I still had cluttering up my parents house and left. Daylight to drive in is a marvellous excuse to get away at a decent time and not have to stay in that environment longer than I can cope with.

As soon as I got home I went upstairs and got that new drill out.



It was brilliant, worked a treat and made the other drill look like I was trying to get through the wall with a butter knife.

After arguing with the raw plugs quite a bit, making sure that everything was in the right places and a couple of tries to get the brackets spaced exactly right….I now have a lovely new shelf up in my bedroom!

67052_10151457738104484_1511477188_nIt may not look like much but to get it right, to have it up and to now have put something on it and not have it fall down straight to the floor…it’s very satisfying! I think if my instincts are right and Louise is going to have to cancel our museum trip tomorrow because she’s poorly, that my job for the day may be to try and re-arrange my bedroom, rehang the pictures that I took down to put the shelf up and generally clean it up (it’s so dusty you’d be disgusted).

At the same time I’m debating whether I’ll have to ring for a doctors appointment tomorrow. I’m in pain. The area between my coccyx and the mid lumbar region is so painful and I have no idea what on earth is wrong! It’s been doing this on and off for a couple of weeks, for no apparent reason and with no link as to when it happens and when it’s fine. As I’m sat here I’m fighting the what seems to be spasms of the muscles in that area but could also be joint pain in my spine. Is it MS related? Is it musculoskeletal? Have I pulled a muscle? Is it because I’m so overweight?

If it’s still there tomorrow morning then my GP will have to be conferred with, for now…pain killers are calling me and a jiggle around to find a comfortable position!


8 thoughts on “DIY won’t beat me!

    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m very proud of myself for doing it! lol I’m classing today as a win even with the lack of sleep I’m not feeling too bad. Here’s hoping for more sleep tonight so I can get my bedroom sorted tomorrow xox

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