My anger has been named…

…and it’s name is Dragon.

I don’t know how much you guys know about dragons, I’ve loved them since I was a child so through the years I’ve learned quite a lot of their legend, mythology.

My anger needed a name, needed an image in my mind so I can help to contain it when I need to and as I was thinking about the characteristics….the first thing that popped into my head was a dragon.



When I’m calm it sleeps, curled up on it’s treasure trove of bad memories, it’s nest of nightmares that feed it.

Arouse it at your peril, by waking that sleeping pile of scales you bring it’s wrath upon you. Slowly it will beat it’s wings and rises up to the pounding thunder of their rhythm, claws scraping at the ground as it takes off ready to gouge deep wounds into those that roused him.

His belly filled with fire that he spews over anyone who wrongs him, scattering the molten bile not caring who it may hit in its aftermath.

Dragon Fireball Attack


His tail swinging ready to catch you with a sideswipe when you least expect it. His jaws lined with fangs that can rip your innards out, can bite you clean in two with one snap.

He is wide awake today, he has been since last night and I’m struggling to let him go back to sleep when all I want to do is let him fly free.



15 thoughts on “My anger has been named…

  1. If nobody is around then I would suggest letting your inner ‘dragon’ out. There’s nothing wrong with expressing anger if you don’t direct it at anyone undeserving of it. Perhaps you could spend some time with it so it’s not being suppressed. Direct compassion to your ‘dragon’-maybe it is hurting…

    1. The problem is that he only really wakes up around other people, mostly when I’m around one woman at work and he bares those fangs just at the sound of her voice. I might have to try meditating with him in mind and see if I can soothe the savage beast. I don’t really like admitting that part of me is in there a lot of the time, it really feels like he’s so separate from the ‘real me’. Thank you, I think I’ll try today while I’m not working πŸ™‚ xox

      1. The more we deny essential aspects of our nature the stronger they tend to become. I feel it’s good to experience the dragon(anger) in a safe place where you can ‘let loose’ so to speak. If I can feel the anger and acknowledge it when it’s there that also helps because it isn’t getting suppressed. I no longer get full of rage because I allow myself to feel the anger whenever its there. That doesn’t mean I express it just anywhere but the act of recognizing it is there internally helps, as does awareness of the cause/trigger.

        Do you have any coping techniques for your dragon? My usual approach is to try pausing, becoming aware/mindful of the anger, breathing fully, then try to figure out what exactly it was that triggered me. I also meditate, journal or blog if I feel I need a way to work through it a bit more.

        Bottom line for me and my anger is accepting it. I accept my anger is present, embrace it and don’t try to push it aside. By doing this regularly it never builds up beyond a healthy level. Generally I am only annoyed, irritated or mildly peeved. This is because I let myself feel angry whenever it’s there. Behind my anger is often a feeling of hurt, shame or sadness. Anger normally protects us from the deeper feeling underneath it.

        Sorry for writing so much. I hope I didn’t make things worse!

      2. I let him vent a little at work through the written word when I popped in yesterday off rota…it may have upset some people but it needed to be said and they needed to hear it. At least that way I could be polite and still get some of the anger out πŸ™‚ Thank you for your reply…it’s always nice to know that there are ways of dealing with these things, that others have managed to find coping strategies so I should be able to as well πŸ™‚

    1. I have the day off today…maybe I’ll find a way to let him talk without having to be around the people who tend to wake him up. I don’t know how you manage to let these parts of you speak when…it scares the shit out of me to even think about it! I really do admire your bravery dear one and your support too thank you πŸ™‚ xoxox

    1. Luckily I managed to sleep after watching some telly, maybe since it’s my day off I’ll try letting him vent somehow….not sure how but it’s an idea. I remember as a teenager trying to do that by punching pillows etc but…it never vented as much as I needed to, as much as verbally spewing venom did. I guess I could pretend that some cuddly toy is the person/s who woke him up and scream every bit of bile at it in the safety of my own house. Toby might be a bit confused by it lol.

  2. I love dragons! Did a report on them in college. I always wanted one, but I don’t want an angry one. I like the way you made anger it’s own entity. It does seem that when I’m angry it comes on like a dragon. Very apt.

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