MS, or not MS, that is the question.

One that tends to haunt my mind on a daily if not hourly basis. At the moment it’s more along the hourly lines and I do wish I could get an answer.

So far on the list of unresolved ones…


Intestinal disturbances

Painful and twanging muscles in my hips and back



It’s all too easy to blame everything on the MonSter and I try not to…but when there is no other obvious reason it’s all too easy to fall back on it. Tomorrow I’ll be ringing the doctor to consult on the most recent addition to that list…the painful back.

I’ve not done anything to it, I can’t remember doing anything that could damage it but for the past week it’s been so painful I have really struggled walking, working, sitting…well doing most anything. The only thing I can think of is that some muscle or other has weakened and rather than me noticing it, it’s been compensated for and the pain has come along in the aftermath.

So first things first, the GP to see if they can come up with anything, when they shrug and say it’s probably a pulled muscle I’ll try the MS nurses and see what they think because all the muscles in my arms are weaker too.

I think that’s possibly one of the most annoying things about MS…it’s just so confusing! I’ve been diagnosed for nearly 5 years now and I still can’t make head nor tails of it half the time.

On a lighter note! I’m on annual leave this week and have been sat on my arse most of today in front of the telly with a crochet hook in my hand…a very satisfying way to spend the day (my back seems to have approved too) while I try to teach myself a new skill.


My first try at following a crochet pattern…as far as I’m concerned I think they wrote it wrong but not bad for a first time…

577046_10151471341604484_1760662010_nNumber two turned out much better, partly because I ignored some of their instructions when I realised they weren’t working and just did it the way I thought it would actually turn out in a pattern rather than a big old mess 😉

One of these days I’ll just be making up patterns as I go along but for now I’ll keep following what the magazines recommend (with a few tweaks) and keep making pretty little bits and bobs that keep my hands and mind busy.



21 thoughts on “MS, or not MS, that is the question.

  1. Good luck with the GP if you find some magic answer let me know. Im sorry youve been in so much pian that stinks. Not that PD and MS are much the same both neuro
    I too have been having issues with pain, balance, hip, shoulders etc.. The docs have to idea what to do, not diabetic not RA or lupus so they just say hmmmm pd with tons o pain good luck here’s some pain pills.

    1. They’re not that far apart really just different reasons for the scar tissue and in different places. You’re Mr wiggles and I’m Miss Leadfoot the joys! Is it peripheral pain or actually in the joints? I only wonder because some of my pain is where the nerves have been damaged and the only thing that works on it are drugs that are usually used for epilepsy…the joint side of things I’m at a loss on too! I’m well doped up on my pain meds at the moment but thanks for the offer lol…I always have a good mix of different pain meds hiding in my medication box for just these occasions 😛
      Here’s hoping we both get some answers at some point soon xox

      1. My major pain is from joint pain. But it’s kind of a combo that stems from the PD rigidity constricting all my joint sockets, then the tendons pluck like guitar strings against my bones, eventually leading to tons I pain. My neuropathy is crazy when I’m off my cymbalta but otherwise ok. Like I tell the docs it doesn’t hurt to be numb. Lol

      2. Ooh I hate that twanging feeling…never had it in my life before but now there’s one that keeps doing it and almost flooring me. I take it you’ve tried things like baclofen to relax the muscles out of their rigidity, I take it and it really helps…the restless leg syndrome is a bitch though and the meds for that don’t always work. Lol numb may mean I occasionally hurt myself by accident but…you’re right it’s much easier to cope with! I’m just thinking it might be time to go to bed and see if I can get some sleep…miracles happen 😆 xxox

    1. Me too but if not at least I have time to rest this week 🙂 Thank you hun I am! I’m tackling a little elephant pattern at the moment and being thoroughly confused by it again lol xox

  2. I hope that you can find someone with an answer and remedy for your symptoms sweetie. Glad you are enjoying your time off! I remember crocheting pot holders with my mom back in the day

    1. I never got the hang of crochet and no one had the patience to teach me….so I’m teaching myself from a magazine and the joy that is youtube videos 😛 Thank you hun I hope so too, fingers crossed I can get an appointment lol, I think I might try to book in for a hair cut as well and really make the most of this week! xox

  3. oooooooooh, crochet… That brought all sorts of nice memories! My grandmother taught me when I was four or five. I used to spend my weekend at her place and that’s one of the things I’d do with her.

    Thanks for that 🙂

    Hope things go well with the GP (and of course, with your back)

    1. So glad it brought back some nice memories for you 🙂 I wish my Grandmother could have taught me some of the skills she knew she left behind some amazing samples of her work! It’s so peaceful to sit with someone else while you’re both crafting away and that’s a lovely image of you and your grandmother sitting together like that. Thank you I’m crossing my fingers! xox

      1. Yes. I spent many a happy afternoon by her side, crocheting and sewing and drinking coffee. She taught me how to saw buttons and to use the sewing machine. She also taught me how to do embroidery. Great memories indeed!

        But it is a good thing you are doing it now, that way you can think of your grandmother when you do

      2. It’s a connection we can both savour, not only to our grandmothers but to women through the ages and I love knowing that these skills have been passed down so many generations 🙂

    1. Thanks hunny so do I. Managed to get an appointment later this afternoon we’ll see what they say. I’m really enjoying the crochet now I’ve got the hang of it 🙂 I needed a New challenge to soothe my brain lol xox

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