I always knew housework was bad for me

I went to the doctor this afternoon, after waiting for him an hour past my appointment time (made me a tad grumpy) I explained to him about my back pain. He gave the muscles to either side of the spine a quick prod then sketched a rough diagram to explain what’s going on.pelvis

Not his diagram obviously but just for those of you who are interested. The problem is apparently due to the joints in my pelvis and the ligaments/tendons that hold it all together. It’s pretty common in pregnancy that these joints loosen and cause pain but it can happen at any time which I didn’t realise. The reason that housework is bad for me? Well one of his examples of how it could have become a problem is the movement of the abdomen while doing things like hoovering, mopping floors etc where your twist the trunk.

I managed to get out of him (with a bit of careful guidance as he obviously hadn’t read my notes) that my gait being appalling due to the MS could have been the reason for this…but I have a horrible feeling it’s something a lot more annoying and long lasting.

Am I a hypochondriac? maybe. I have a feeling that I’m showing too many signs for fibromyalgia, it’s sometimes misdiagnosed as MS sometimes but it can also be diagnosed in tandem with it. My cousins fiancee has this condition so I know how nasty it is and I think I will have to give them a ring to find out just how…well how I can find out whether I’m right (it’s been something I’ve had an instinct about for a while now).

Ah well at least I have an answer. It will be about 6 weeks apparently before it feels better, keep taking the pain killers, try not to aggravate it too much, the usual spiel.

My connective tissues seem to be going to pot, first my legs due to the MS (I think), then my feet, my shoulders, now my pelvis…this is not boding well but if it is to do with my gait…well there’s not much I can do about it at the moment, everything hurts too much to walk normally.

My broken body and I are going to try and get some sleep, I have to be up in the morning to go to a hospital appointment with the catheter nurse so I will leave you with this video. It’s been going around my head since he mentioned the fact that vacuuming could be something that has exacerbated things…enjoy!



12 thoughts on “I always knew housework was bad for me

  1. I will see if I can get a doctors note to get me out of chores.hmmmmm, sounds brilliant, you and I share a very similar tendon issue, unfortunaly mine will not be gone in 6 weeks 😦 get some rest.

    1. I think they tell everyone that…6 weeks seems to be all I hear lol and it was bullshit when it came to my plantar fasciitis so I think it will be the same for this issue too. Pain killers a go go in my house at the moment and not many of them seem to do anything at all.
      Conditions like this suck!!

      1. Nope the give me Vicodin but all it really does is keep me awake and make my head kinda”okay” with the pain but it doesn’t take the pain way.
        Good morning 🙂

      2. That sucks! I just called my MS nurse and she’s sending me off to the physio again to see what she says…I confused her mightily by asking if you can have fibromyalgia as well as MS because I have a funny feeling that I might do. It’s so satisfying to occasionally confuse doctors/nurses with my bodys behaviour.
        I hope you’re having a good morning 🙂 xox

  2. I am glad you have some kind of answer, not a good one but a start. I’m keeping you in my thoughts…get some rest. xxx

    1. See! We should all just give up housework like giving up smoking…it’s bad for us so we shouldn’t do it 😛
      I hope to get things a bit more…organised soon…spoke to MS nurse this morning and will be seeing the neuro-physio soon hopefully to have an assessment and see what she thinks. xox

  3. I hope for your sake it was the vacuuming that caused your back problem. Sounds like a good reason to quit doing it.

    I too struggle with what is MS and what is something else. The trouble with my thumbs has never officially been attributed to my MS, but everything else has been ruled out. I have a number of symptoms that might be the ms, or depression, or menopause. There are so many similar symptoms. It is frustrating. I’ve started to and understand that with MS you just treat the symptoms (pain, spasms) and the treatment is the same regardless of the cause.

    1. You’re right, in most cases I just concentrate on management rather than hoping for it being a different condition, but with all these things building up…I feel the need for some answers this time. Thank you hun, it’s nice to know you understand xox

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