In the hospital car park



hold on

rest in the pain

they look back

worry in their eyes


‘Are you OK’

Nod, smile

watch them walk away

let the tears well 

but don’t let them fall


until sanctuary is reached

let the car absorb them

let the pain go

screams held tight


tight behind my teeth

only I hear them

as the tears fall

cool water

slowly trickles

to my chin


let no one see

behind the mask

hand raised

to keep it in place


push it back down

lock away the pain



11 thoughts on “In the hospital car park

    1. Thank you, I’ve tried to rest, did a very short walk with Toby and ended up chatting to my next door neighbour for ages and getting a cuddle from her little boy, the teary blip has passed I hope xox

      1. True but I really wish I hadn’t been so exposed when it happened! I’d parked right next to one of the entrances so there were cars going past me constantly with no where to hide and I couldn’t drive until I got a handle on things..luckily I’d taken a couple of tissues with me this morning :S xox

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