The new crafting obsession continues

I’ve been playing with another pattern that was in that magazine…meet Penny the crocheted elephant 🙂
64296_10151475540084484_560805567_n   482217_10151475540389484_586435858_n

Kinda cute don’t you think? I’m gaining confidence with the crochet hook with every DC, TC and SS I do hehe so I’ve decided to try a more complicated pattern.

None of the others in the magazine appealed to me, they’re mostly baby clothes and patches so I’ve gone searching on the internet. It’s amazing how many free patterns there are out there! and this one…well I couldn’t resist.





This is Smaug, the dragon from The Hobbit. I love this book and he looks like he should turn out fabulously. They do say to put LED lights etc in his eyes which I won’t go in for but the rest of it sounds not too bad to have a go at.

I will have to wait to start it as I don’t have the right colours I want to do him in here but tomorrow I will hopefully be meeting up with a friend of mine for coffee and I should be able to get some wool while we’re out. I’m just hoping that I can cope with the pain, I’ve suggested the town centre of where I live that is small and full of little shops/charity shops that I should be able to totter around if I fill myself with pain killers. That is if it’s not as bad as today…I haven’t managed to walk my Toby today so he’s had to put up with playing in the garden. If the pain decreases then we’ll take a quick stroll around the block so he can stay on the sniffing scene but my little boy is pretty good when it comes to these bad days. Bugger…here comes more snow! Ah well at least Toby will enjoy chasing it around the garden.

Oohh and I’ve booked in at the little hair dressers around the corner to have my hair completely restyled on saturday 😛 I’ve been meaning to do it for so long and finally got up the guts to go in and ask today!


8 thoughts on “The new crafting obsession continues

    1. I tend to pick things up quite quickly when I have the time and patience to sit and play at them 🙂 I will do hun, thank you I really hope I can have a nice day out with my friend and the pain behaves itself xox

    1. Thank you 🙂 I hope so I do loves me some dragons!
      Lol Toby’s enjoying trying to catch the snow though it’s not laying so he’s not having as much fun as he did last time…I’ll try and tell the snow to make its way down to you instead of being up here, I’m more than happy to see it go away 😉 xox

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