snip snip snip

I finally got up the guts to go into the hair dressers and book and appointment…I’ve not cut my hair for at least two years. It had become so long and so hard to wash with the pain in my arms that I finally decided it was time for a change

IMAG0558 My impression of cousin it was always fun …..IMAG0559

However when I got home last night it was by driving through heavy snow and this morning Toby and I woke up to the sight of 3 inches of snow in the garden.

IMAG0561   IMAG0562

I rang the salon…they had got there, just and I could still get my hair cut. Off I trudged dressed like I was going to the Arctic with butterflies in my tummy.

I chose a hair style from one of the magazines that matched what I had thought would look good and after chatting with hair dresser we began. She seemed to be trying to put me off it…but I really think it will be a good length for me to look after.

Then she did this….

IMAG0567Yes that is my pony tail…chopped off and given to me to keep as a memento of my long hair!

We chatted as she chopped, , moussed, styled, dried….and I’m not sure I was really ‘there’ as she did. But When I got home I looked in the mirror again and was happy to see ….

IMAG0564… This!

No more scragging it back in a pony tail for a while, no more hiding behind hair so long it touches my bum. It’s short, it will take effort and I can’t avoid washing it for days like I have done with the long version because my depression has lead to me not bothering to shower (yes I know it’s disgusting but it’s true).

I did it on a whim…but a whim that lasted a while so I trust it and hopefully I will stay happy with it when I have to style it myself and don’t have a nice hair dresser there to do it for me.

Ah well for now…I’m curling up in the living room watching the snow fall outside and trying to build up the energy to take Toby out to play in it. I haven’t done my latest module of the silly long distance learning course… haven’t been told off for it yet but I can’t make myself even start the damn thing. I’m wallowing in the pit and my hopes that having this bit of pampering would build me back up…well it hasn’t worked.

Depression sucks…sod it back to my crochet and to find something to eat for lunch.


19 thoughts on “snip snip snip

  1. I think your new hair style is absolutely lovely Mel! I am sorry you feeling down. Although it doesn’t seem that way at the moment, I am fairly sure that winter will eventually end sometime 😉 Take care in the snow as not to fall! xx

    1. Thanks hunny 🙂 I slept away most of the afternoon today by accident…my alarm didn’t wake me up oops! Winter will leave us eventually…it’s time to turn the clocks forward tonight so I’m hoping the weather will realise lol xox

  2. That’s so cool! Your new hair style looks good!
    Also, I can so relate to what you’re saying about depression, taking a shower and hair… lol .. ya, sad but true 😉 My hair is as long as yours was…. and I know it would look better if it were shorter again… but I can’t find the “strength” or rather motivation to do it – so I really applaud you for your choice! 🙂 xx

    1. I’m glad you like it! It’s taken a lot of…effort isn’t quite the right word, strength is closer….gritting my teeth and going for it! lol The hair dresser asked me why I’d decided to do it now and I just had no idea what to say I couldn’t explain what it was that made me suddenly decide to do it :S I hope you can find some reason to do yours too if only as a treat for yourself xoxox

    1. Lol Toby was only upset that I was trying to take a photo rather than coming out to play with him 😉 He still loves the snow and will chase snow flakes for hours! xox

  3. Wow wee… number one: looking good! Loving the hair! number two: wow you had a lot of hair before… that cut off pony tail is quite amazing! number three: you have got a LOT of snow!!! xx

    1. 1) thank you! glad you like it 🙂
      2) I forgot how much I had until the woman asked how long it was when I made the appointment…I never really noticed except when I was washing it
      3) There’s too much snow! When I was shovelling the driveway it was at least 3 inches…in March!! I hope you’ve not been snowed on again it’s getting rather annoying now lol xox

  4. Oh I love the hair! Most becoming to you Mel. As for winter, I will send you a bottle of winter be gone right away! 😆 xxx

    1. Thanks Red I’m glad you like it and can’t wait for that bottle of ‘Winter be gone’! The clocks go forward tonight and I just hope mother nature gets the hint 😆 xox

  5. I HATE having my haircut. I have only cut my hair 4 times in the last 20 years. This latest time was just a few month ago. It was very short cute cut and everybody raved at how good it looked. Now, 4 month later the style has grown out and I need it cut again. That’s why I stopped cutting it. It has to be cut constantly. Ugh.

    1. I enjoy the sensation of having my hair cut…I just don’t like the fact you have to interact with the people there. I doubt I’ll keep up with it, I’ll probably just let it grow out again like last time…schedule me in for another cut in another two years lol xox

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