Smaug is finished

You may remember me saying I had gone searching for a nice crochet pattern to try that would challenge me a little more. I found one here and it certainly challenged me! I had to adapt it in places and try to understand the way she had written it in others…frustration came and eventually went when I figured out ways to sort the problems.

Eventually I’ve been left with…



Smaug! I changed the colour because I couldn’t find any nice red yarn (I’m fussy about red colours) but maybe Smaug had a green dragon cousin that was hanging around somewhere 😉

                                    150491_10151491298539484_1830434562_n 10084_10151491297604484_459877325_n

Now when I finished the crochet and started putting him together I didn’t want to go to the extent of putting LED lights in his head for the eyes as she suggested and I didn’t want to paint glitter glue on his tummy to represent the gems that are embedded in his abdomen from years of lying on his hoard. Instead I embroidered the eyes and then went rummaging in my craft stocks for ‘gems’.



I had started off thinking I would just do a few to insinuate that he was covered…but when I got into the swing of it and kept finding different beads that I could put on him I decided to go the whole hog! Do you remember the story behind all this and why it was so important? Well if you look on the top left of his thorax in this picture you’ll see a gap…that was his weak spot…the point where he could be attacked because there wasn’t any gems to protect him.

We all have a weak spot, some more than others and I felt it was important to make that weak spot a part of him as I have to try and make mine a part of myself.




15 thoughts on “Smaug is finished

  1. Smaug is brilliant!
    You’re brilliant! You’ve only just learnt to crochet and you’re making something this good, he’s wonderful, weak spot and all.
    I need a Smaug xox

    1. 😳 aww thank you Tilda you’re too kind. I think all these years of crafting in different guises have made it easier for me to pick up on things that are new…and having youtube videos that show the really awkward bits is a life saver! 😆 I’m so glad you like him…I need to find him a place to live where he can have a hoard of his very own now hehe. I’d love to make you a Smaug (but I understand that you wouldn’t feel comfortable giving me your address to send it to) or maybe you could make yourself one and keep up with that treating yourself well homework 😉 xoxox

    1. Thank you Ben 😳 ever thought of picking up a needle and some yarn? It’s a great hobby when moving around too much is painful. My aunty started crocheting when she was diagnosed with PD and it’s amazing watching her go because the tremors almost go away when she’s stitching I bet it’s the same when you have a paint brush in your hand 🙂 xox

    1. I’m glad you like them 🙂 It might be a slight obsession but it’s one I’m not going to worry about hehe. I just went searching for the post you were talking about…I had forgotten I’d written that one! Ah it just takes practise and patience, oh and youtube videos help too 😉 When I first started knitting I could only do squares and when I began crochet I couldn’t only manage circles 🙄 keep trying! xox

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