Parkinsons disease, a condition close to my heart and my families history. Awareness of these conditions is half the battle whether they be PD, MS, MND, mental health problems, fibromyalgia….the hidden conditions that we struggle with and live our lives in spite of.

Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.

Parkinson's awareness month* This next month is a month of awareness I hold a little close to my heart, Since I have been diagnosed with YOPD ** Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease**

On 11/04/11 I had been 41 for about 6 month at that time. They say that it takes between 7-10 years most often of having PD for the visible symptoms to start showing up

which also means that by that point my brain had lost between 70-80% of its ability to produce Dopamine, the chemical the body uses to properly transport the information about movement,certain types of thinking and some autonomic functions like oh breathing, heart beat, swallowing, blinking just to name a few. So yeah that little chemical Dopamine that most associate with “feeling good” actually has a rather important function in the body. Who knew??? Certainly not I before 11/4/11. So please join me in celebrating April, Parkinson’s awareness…

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