It’s been a busy weekend

dscf2622So we’re doing it in pictures….it began with a jaunt into my town centre to have tea and a wander with a couple of friends. I took Toby with me so that he had some stimulation too as my pain levels are rather high at the moment. (this picture wasn’t taken by me it’s from the towns website)


While we were there Toby and I were window shopping in the charity shops and saw these…I was really impressed!

3619_10151495545054484_1753472095_nEgg decorating at the highest level….I was so impressed I couldn’t not take photos. I just wish I knew who had decorated them!

A night spent doing some of that stupid medication online assessments and then the joy that is turning the clocks forward 😦

Sunday being Easter I had the joy that was a family meal over a my parents. I woke up far too early and ended up having to have a nap before I went and got some petrol, backed up and took Toby over to their house. He unfortunately was sick on the way over, possibly due to the road works that are going on around their village.

483449_10151496485214484_1166770322_nWe did some basking in the sunshine even though it was still absolutely freezing, playing with my brothers dog Tess, aka Tessie Bear.

can we go in now it’s cold!

625706_10151495826184484_1423026893_n 166754_10151495822639484_797278871_n

Time to play spot the dog!
Time to play spot the dog!


We behaved ourselves really well honest, very little begging going on and even playing in the house was kept to a minimum


We didn’t stay the night and came home yesterday evening with a couple of left overs…I have a chocolate and caramel torte to eat hehe along with the eggs that I was given.

Toby was very cuddly to his toys this morning especially with the new toy that his Aunty Deb and Uncle Nick gave him (I’m not sure those are the names I gave them in the past but they’ll do till I can find a post that mentioned them). I’m having to take it easy because it hurts so much to walk around. I’ve called my boss today and told her I just can’t see myself being able to work tomorrow, when I explained she agreed it didn’t sound like a good idea and that seeing the doctor again would be a good idea.

My little pup is a bit cranky today…I think it might have something to do with the fact he’s not getting long walks and I just can’t do as much with him as I usually do. I really hope I can get some decent pain killers.

I got the surprise of my life earlier when my friend K, her partner and the dog Angus who stayed with us a while ago turned up out of the blue! My house is an absolute state and as nice as it was to see them  spent most of the time looking at the disgusting state of my house and wanting to a) clean every inch, b) tear my hair out and c) curl up in a ball of embarrassment. The dogs had a bit of a meet and greet, Toby was cranky still and didn’t have the patience for Angus jumping up onto a chair he remembered Angus not being able to get him on and giving little warning growls every so often. Angus is now almost completely blind bless him and kept bumping into things but it’s not possible to explain that to Toby!

This is Angus the last time he came to visit
This is Angus the last time he came to visit

So I should really be heading off to bed to make sure I’m up early and can try to ring for an appointment with the doctor. After a 4 day weekend it’s going to be like finding rocking horse poop so I really need to be up at a decent time. But this aversion to actually going to my bed is bad tonight after the anxiety of dealing with surprise guests (even ones I would usually have loved to have round).

It’s time to breathe, to let my mind do what it needs to, put my pj’s on so I can go to bed whenever I start to get drowsy and cross my fingers that I’ll actually sleep tonight!


11 thoughts on “It’s been a busy weekend

  1. I’m sorry you had this uncomfortable visit… and I am so sorry you’re in such pain! I hope that seeing the doctor will be helpful for you. Take care xxx

    1. It was such a mixed bag of being nice to see them but so uncomfortable because I had no warning to tidy up. If it had been just K it would have been easier because she understands about the fatigue and not being able to clean…I’d have still wanted to clean but not as badly.
      I’ve managed to get an appointment for this afternoon so crossing my fingers she can some up with something.
      I hope you’re OK and back home again after your stressful weekend, be kind to yourself hunny xox

    1. Lots of doggies to keep track of in this post lol the photos were of my dog Toby (the brown one), my brothers girl Tess (the black lab) and I’ve added a photo of Angus now too he’s a lhaso apso (the little ginger guy) they’re all lovely pups and usually get on really well 🙂
      Doctors have given me an appointment for this afternoon so hopefully will make some progress, thanks hun xox

    1. I know! I loved them and was so jealous of whoever made them :p
      I managed to sleep though it was on the sofa and have even got an appointment for this afternoon miracle of miracles. I hope you’re OK, Toby sends cuddles he’s sniffing at the screen lol xox

  2. Visitors when the house is a mess is stressing, 2 weeks ago I had friends over, I knew they were coming, I had made an appointment with the cleaning lady which she canceled 2 hours before my friends got home, I was at work, had to leave the office and try to pick up all the mess I’ve done in a week, terrible. My friends didn’t care, they were happy enough to see me and be here, I bet same happened with yours.
    I hope you get to feel better soon.
    Funky eggs lol
    Dogs have their cranky days, Doggy gave me a week from hell not too long ago, he’s back to his normal self now.

    1. If I say anything most people will say ‘it’s not your house I’m coming to see it’s you, I don’t care what it looks like’ But I can’t help feeling terrible when it’s this bad and people see it! Thanks Leo 🙂 xox

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