Uh oh Toby’s in trouble!

My mum is in a bad mood with me today, it started so well as we went for a short walk and I behaved myself really well not even stalking any of the cats I saw. Home again and we were pottering around in the garden, mum doing a poop pick up (no that wasn’t what annoyed her), we played ball for a while then she left me out there to bask in the sunshine.

It was then that the wind blew something my way I just couldn’t resist…a potting bag she uses to grow potatoes. It had been caught in the drain outside the kitchen and that drain had to get cleaned out yesterday. Now to me it smelt great! Such a fabulous smell that she kept having to shoo me away while she was cleaning the grating that had become clogged. Anyway about the bag, it had blown onto the grass and I just couldn’t resist! I just had to have a roll on it and cover myself in that smell πŸ™‚

When I came back inside mum didn’t notice at first and I thought ‘Hah! I got away with it!’ BOL that was until I stood on the arm chair and she looked over at me getting a proper look a my back.

Suddenly I was no longer her ‘good boy’ and was ordered to get down off the chair and lie down on the floor, she caught a whiff of it and knew immediately what I’d rolled in :S

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She got very grumpy and went striding off upstairs grumbling about her back and mentioned the B word as I heard the taps being turned on. I pretended to stay exactly where I was, going to the bottom of the stairs to listen to what she was doing and running straight back to the same spot on the rug as she collected all my towels and other bits to take upstairs.

I went without a fight I’m ashamed to stay, I followed her up the stairs and after a quick attempt to sneak into her room and get on the bed that she caught me out in I went into the bathroom.

Now don’t get me wrong I didn’t make it easy for her and she left that bathroom almost as wet as I was, I shook when she was least expecting it, kept my head down when she wanted it up, leant against her when she tried to use the fancy new Aveeno soap she had. But I knew from the tone of her voice that there was no real way I was going to get out of that bath until she had finished. Twice she washed me! Twice! apparently once wasn’t enough for this lovely smell and she even used that dreaded silver hose thing that there’s no avoiding and is just not as fun as the outside hose that you can chase 😦

Ah well I survived it and got a good rub down with two towels, which I do love, before we came back downstairs and I went back to the same spot.



She wrapped me up in a towel and I lay there for a while like a ‘Good boy’ and let the towel soak up some of that silly fancy smelling water.

I’m finally dry now and as fluffy as a puppy but she hasn’t trusted me outside alone yet like she does usually, she’s stood there watching me (I hate being watched when I’m patrolling or going number two) even though she washed away most of the nice smelling stuff with a bucket of water.

Maybe tomorrow she’ll trust me again, but I usually like to lull her into a false sense of security with these things BOL so she gets a surprise every now and then!

Never mind, for now I’ll curl up on the arm chair and accept the fact she’s still not in a good mood with me because she really doesn’t understand how that smell was just too good to pass up!


5 thoughts on “Uh oh Toby’s in trouble!

    1. What’s that? Bird chasing?! Maybe I can convince my mummy I’ve been a good boy by then πŸ˜› Those birds are cheeky little buggers and deserve to be chased at every opportunity!!

    1. I was less than impressed let me tell you! I’m still fluffy even now but I’ve started getting some decent and more acceptable (to my mum) smells back in my coat now…don’t you worry I’ve been keeping my eye on the birdies in my garden, mums just filled the feeder, my time will come bwahahaha πŸ˜› xox

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