Children now a days

Y5FBF00ZChildren, I’ve worked with them for as long as I can remember. I’ve loved working with them and I believe any child has the potential to become an amazing adult if they are nurtured, lead and given the opportunity to do so.

We live in a time and I’m in a country where child mortality is lower than it’s ever been, every child has the right to an education that could lead them anywhere they want to go.

So what is happening? The little darlings are becoming rude, they have no respect for themselves or others and there is no way to get them to listen. Here’s where I start to sound like a grumpy old woman (get used to it if you’re new here it tends to happen) but I would never have dared talk back to an adult when I was a kid!

The attitude that says ‘you can’t tell me off you have no right’ is beginning earlier and earlier. No longer is it reserved for teenagers whose hormones are running wild, it now starts as young as 4 years old at least around my estate. When I was younger if I had tried to argue back at an adult or been caught doing something wrong, I would have been frog marched to my house probably by the ear and handed over to my parents who would have scolded me and dealt out some form of punishment no matter who it was that did the marching. They would have been angry that I had shamed them, angry that I had not behaved myself and disappointed in me (the worst part of it usually to me).

And now?

They swear at each other and anyone walking past them, they run riot in the street, they don’t know how to play in any way other than to fight or play football (or both together). If you confront them they mouth back at you, they show no shame in their behaviour, they don’t think anyone has the right the discipline them.

It’s getting worse with every generation, with every year that passes the children who behave this way get younger and younger.

As for the parents of these children, well in some cases I know they try their best to raise them properly but unfortunately as soon as they start school or begin playing with the others their age and older any of their good work is undone. The parents who do not try are ruining it for everyone!

I can pin point those parents on my street simply and easily by watching their children and seeing them, hearing them outside. They swear and scream and leave their children to run around on their own with no supervision as soon as they can walk. They spend more time getting stoned, drunk, watching Jeremy Kyle or just deciding not to look after their children than they do being parents.

I’m disappointed to be living in a time where this happens and I’m more than annoyed at these people who have chosen to procreate and then ruin these young people for all time by behaving like spoilt brats themselves.

What will it take for them to realise that they need to grow up and to behave like a parent should? Will they only realise that they have not done the right things for their children when they are big enough to fight back against them and those parents can no longer just shout at them or lock them in their room? Will it take their child being locked away for the behaviour that is endemic in this country for them to know what they are creating?

I have said since I was in my late teens that there should be a test for people to pass before they can become a parent. I’m not saying they need to be a rocket scientist but just to have the moral compass that they need to pass onto their children. They need enough intelligence to know that they have to raise their children in a way that means they know right from wrong, they know that there are people who can, nay should tell them off when they do something wrong and that those people include every adult that sees them doing it. I may suffer with anxiety but I am still one of those people who is willing to challenge a child on their behaviour, if the parents want to argue with me about it they can go ahead because I will not back down on this stance.it_takes_an_entire_village_to_raise_a_child_card-p137321355806649769b2icl_400

Do you remember the phrase ‘It takes a village to raise a child’? Well where has that belief disappeared to? Is it because our villages are now cities? Is it because our villages are now filled with people we don’t trust?

Whatever the reason is, we need to go back in time and remember that, remember that no one person brings a child through to adult hood and we must all work together in order to make sure they come through it to become a person we are proud to have raised.


8 thoughts on “Children now a days

  1. unfortunately parents more and more as each generation comes around have so many of their own issues that the child doesn’t get the proper training. I know I made mistakes in that area with my children as they became teens due to the fact that I wasn’t mentally and emotionally healthy myself during that time. “moral compass” is a very relevant part of this dilemma. the compass is broken now.

    1. Especially in these times when some are extremely poor but trying to make ends meet and others have grown up thinking it’s OK not to work because everything will be handed to them on a plate (especially if they have kids)….it will be hard to fix said compass and it will probably have to break down completely before something can be done to remake it unfortunately *sigh* annoying times we live in.

  2. It’s really sad to see teenagers today.
    Then you have teenagers bringing up kids, we are doomed.
    It’s really sad Mel, but at this point I don’t think there’s much we can do.
    There’s a core problem with “freedom” the goverment has stripped parents and teachers of given “tough” love to kids (I’m not talking about slaps or panks although some kids deserve to be slapped), but now not even harsh words can be said. Then kids are overly entitled, they grow up to they they can do whatever they want to because they knew no boundaries when they were kids. Then they are faced that when you are old the government treats us like kids, like idiots.
    We as a society do not care much anymore, we just don’t care.
    Let’s hope the world ends by 2050 and all it’s gonna be alright.

    1. I think that’s half the problem, teenagers bringing up children who were brought up by teenagers themselves and each generation of them just gets worse. When you end up with grandmothers who haven’t even reached 30 there is something wrong in the world! I hate the fact that kids will turn around and say things like ‘you can’t tell me off’ well I’m sorry kid but I can and I will. I hate to say it but there needs to be the fear of some retribution, there has to be or you end up the way we are with kids who aren’t even worried about being told off by the police :S
      We’re leading up to some big cataclysm I can feel it in my bones xx

      1. Because they know they are untouchable, if you tell them something they call the police and you are screwed. A friend of mine 3 weeks ago had his bike parked around the bar where we were having drinks, there were 6 brats taking turns jumping on his bike, my friend grabbed one by the arm and pushed him aside, nothing more. Another kid called the police and suddenly my friend was in trouble and not them.

      2. Oh that really does annoy me! I’ve had them threaten to ring the police on me and you know what? I’ve told them to ‘Go ahead, I’d tell them my side (with my pristine record and work history) and they can tell them theirs (with what you can bet would be less than pristine) and we’ll see what happens…in fact I’ll call them now and see what they do shall I? ‘
        The little bastards soon backed down on that one…I used to even get it when I was a teacher…I’d tap someone on their shoulder and be shouted at for ‘abusing’ them for pities sake! Grrrr

  3. I too have worked with children and seen the decay in morals and respect in the last decade. I’ve had kindergartners say “fuck you” and run away. I’ve had parents scream at me about “you can’t tell my child what to do!” I would say that mostly it seems to be the parents at fault or guardians if that’s the case. Either they aren’t involved enough, as in comment before about teenagers being children themselves and parents having their own issues and other times parents are too involved, building up their children, afraid to say the wrong thing and scar their children for life, more interested in being their friend. I could go on and on, and I’m sure you could as well. If you are a reader I would strongly recommend a book called “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom” by Amy Chau. It is a book that explores western (American) parenting styles vrs. eastern (Chinese) parenting styles. Interesting views on discipline, respect, too much praise, afraid to hurt the child’s esteem and other topics.

    1. That sounds like an interesting book I’ll have to look it up and see if I can find it. I’m glad its not just me thinks like this, when you work with kids you see it progressively getting worse and its so sad! The kids can’t be blamed really and the parents really need a wake up call.

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