What an afternoon


I finally got to see the GP that I wanted to see. He always runs late because he lets people talk, he cares and is willing to spend time with them to figure out the problems they have. Unfortunately waiting in that doctors surgery involved sitting on a hard plastic chair for an hour and with the pain in my muscles it was not pleasant!

PLASTIC_CHAIRS_5040ce6c575abWhy would they choose chairs that have no padding what so ever? Now I know that fabric is not a good idea because it’s too difficult to clean and disinfect which must be essential in a doctors surgery but still! I know that you can get padded chairs that have plasticised material that can be cleaned…instead we have to suffer sitting on a chair that is like the ones you used to get at school.

By the time I went in to see him I was in agony.

But it was worth the wait, he was more thorough than the other doctors I’ve seen, he said the same about the fibromyalgia (that there’s no test) but he poked and prodded to figure out where the biggest issues were none the less and told me to book in for blood tests to rule out any other problems like my liver, kidneys, deficiencies etc. Miracle of miracles he even prescribed me some stronger pain killers that you can’t get over the counter and signed me off for two weeks (that shocked me a little).

So Thursday morning will see me starving and sitting waiting to see a vampire nurse hoping that it will bring some answers. Until then, pain killers are a go go in my house speaking of which I’m going to go find some breakfast and take some of them because ouch!



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