I must have done something bad recently

I seem to have the worst luck at the moment and I can’t help wondering if this is karma getting back at me. This morning I was coughing a lot as I have been for the past week or so and whilst doing so I managed to pull the muscles all down my right hand side meaning every time I’ve breathed in since then I’ve been in pain. I have been almost in tear unable to take enough of a deep breath in due to the pain that I was scared I might pass out a few times today when the pain killers have been wearing off.

The scary thing is today I have been coughing up blood. I thought it was a one off this morning and tried to ignore it (especially since I couldn’t cough because of the pain after that) but when it happened again this afternoon I decided to go onto NHS Direct online and their symptom checker. If you’ve ever used it you may have found the same as me…they like to refer you to A&E! Or maybe it’s just the problems I’ve tried to consult it on. Anyway they told me to go to A&E or to ring the new 111 number…easy choice for me, I rang the lovely people on 111 and they went through all the issues, referred me to a nurse who decided I would be better off going to my GP.

Strangely I actually managed to get straight in to see a lovely doctor within about an hour, she can’t hear anything wrong with my chest but they have a procedure in place for things like this so I have to get my chest X-rayed just to make sure there’s nothing hiding that she couldn’t hear. I’ll be going in tomorrow when the walk in centre is open again to find out if it’s an infection, a burst blood vessel from all the coughing or something more sinister.

So for now I will be trying to get some sleep…since I can’t lie down I’ll probably be sleeping on the sofa (no change there then) and hoping that my pain killers keep working enough to let me get some rest.

On a positive note it’s been beautifully sunny if very windy today! Toby has been sunbathing lots and I have been watching films and crocheting being unable to enjoy it much but loving seeing the sunlight outside!


13 thoughts on “I must have done something bad recently

    1. Thanks Tilda, I’ve had the x-ray now to wait for the diagnosis to come through to my GP from the consultants at the hospital before they say yay or nay to me needing anti-biotics. The radiologist thought she saw an infection in there and it wouldn’t surprise me the way I’m feeling. I managed to sleep on the sofa at least 🙂 and one of my muscles seems to have calmed down a bit, now I’ll just have to wait for the other ones to behave themselves too! xox

    1. Thank you Benjamin, no they haven’t but if this pain carries on much longer I’ll be going in to pester them again. I had the x-ray this morning an the radiologist said it looked like there may be an infection but I’ll have to wait for the definite diagnosis from the doctor before they’ll give me anti-biotics. Thanks for the hugs, I could really do with some at the moment! xox

      1. If its an infection then they’ll be able to check for it in your blood and deal with it directly I’m sure your in good hands just don’t settle for inadequate answers from your doctors push then until you are comfortable with the answers the give you.
        Ps I’ll be in town in 2 days so I’ll kick ass if you need 😀

      2. It should show up in the bloodshed they took last week then, mind you they should be ready about the same time as the X-ray results anyway. Yey! Benjamin’s coming to town! Time has gone fast since you booked your flights 🙂 xx

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