An the results are in!

Those little lab monkeys have done their thing and all my results are back. Guess what! I have a chest infection, shocking really huh. The phlegm, coughing, blood and generally feeling crap wasn’t a dead give away then?

Not my chest but nothing like an x-ray to brighten the page


Unfortunately by the sounds of things (from the one side of the phone conversation I could hear at my GPs’ office) it’s not a cut and dry one. There was a patch that wasn’t inflating properly when they took the x-ray but it wasn’t as wide spread as they expect from a chest infection. The GP, a different one again, listened to my chest in a much more thorough way and found a quiet spot so she’s doled out the antibiotics. Here goes a week of popping tablets that will probably give me the squits, shoving my head over a bowl of steaming water and crossing my fingers.

The thing that was a little worrying was the fact the doctor said ‘..and if it’s not better in a couple of weeks we’ll send you off for another chest x-ray’ with a look on her face that was pensive. For someone who is a renowned hypochondriac that was not the best step that GP could have taken!

This was me on Monday when I started coughing up blood and was in agony from pulling a chest muscle (ever tried breathing with a pulled chest muscle??)

Ah well, I’ve started my bacteria killers and just need to remember that although when I am sitting still on the sofa everything seems okay (until the next coughing fit comes on) I am poorly. It’s so easy to forget when the pain killers are working! So easy to get up and think…’Oh that lawn really needs mowing, it’s dry now I’d better get it done’…and head on out in the garden only to find half way through getting the lawnmower out of the shed that I’m out of breath and in pain.

Do I give in?

HA! Of course not, that would be far too sensible.

My lawn is mowed now…I may be dizzy, hurting and still struggling to catch my breath but it’s done. I wish I could carry on and get some more cleaning or gardening done but my body is no longer co-operating.


You know what between the MS, the muscle pain that might be Fibromyalgia, the chest infection and the mood issues I sometimes feel rather trapped in my own body. The mind wants to do something but the body rebels, the body wants to do something but the mind rebels or best of all…the mind and body know they should be relaxing but the other bits of body are literally aching to get up and move!

I may not have DID but I certainly feel like I have a whole load of different parts of my arguing amongst themselves.

Luckily the post man delivered some presents packages today so I have different films to watch. I seem to have become a little obsessed with Batman recently and am working my way through every film made in the past couple of decades, I forgot how many of them have been made! I think I’m at a low point at the moment though with ‘Batman and Robin’, Arnie really spoils the whole thing to my mind.

I did get 101 Dalmatians the original cartoon through too though so I can sing along to that later if my chest lets me get enough breath to do it 😉

Right I think it’s time for a nap, since I’m having to sleep sitting up on the sofa I’m not managing to get a full nights sleep really so napping is more essential than ever in order to stop me becoming a zombie.



17 thoughts on “An the results are in!

  1. Hope those pills work their customary magic……you certainly didn’t need THIS on top of everything else you deal with! Enjoy those movies and naps and give the magic elixir a chance to work……Love the CAT NAPS poster……!

    Pam (and of course Sam)

    1. Ooh a movie I don’t own and have no idea what it’s about…will have to look it up see if it’s going to join my ever expanding collection lol. Thanks Misaki, I hope so too 🙂

  2. Aww 😦 Poor you 😦 The more you rest the quicker you will heal so put that lawn mower down you!!! Sending love xx

    1. Lol the mowing was done and dusted pretty quickly even with the need to rest mid mow…I don’t have that big a lawn. I was good though and had a nap, took Toby for a very short walk and made a relatively healthy tea of home made burger and salad 😛 Time to slump back on the sofa again now and watch Britains got talent hehe. Love back to you too hun 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 It seems to be one thing after the other at the moment! I’m definitely enjoying working my way through so many films lol especially the kids ones 😛 x

  3. Did they check for pneumonia? I had a lot of chest pain a couple years ago they gave me anti inflammatory s, told me tissue around my ribs was inflamed and took chest x-rays just to be careful. There was some fluid (they thought) and then they had me do a 2nd chest X-ray. Saw definite fluid the 2nd X-ray and gave me anti-biotics with the statement “I’m sure these wont work but its protocol” then ordered an echo cardio gram. The day after the echo the cardiology department calls asks me if I can come in tomorrow. Whole time it was pneumonia though I never had a cold/flu predecessor. And cardiologist was like “why are you here” I was like “I thought you were going to tell me.” My primary still doesn’t think it was pneumonia but that’s Kaiser for you. Had me freaking out through the whole thing.
    Hope whatever it is it gets resolved and enjoy the movies!!!!

    1. The first doctor mentioned it because her daughter had just had it, but so far they seem to be treating it as plain and simple chest infection. I’m not surprised you were panicking with all that! It’s horrible going through all those sorts of tests and to not have a clue what on earth is going on! I have to go back in to see someone again after a week to make sure things are clearing up so crossing my fingers that the anti-biotics do the trick while I watch kids films galore hehe. Thank you xx

    1. Hmmm nope no culture taken…and I could provide them with plenty lol. Just have to hope that the amoxicillin does its job and by the time I have to go back and see a doctor again it’s all gone 🙂 Thank you xx

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