‘Pet therapists’ aka ‘How Toby saved my life’

I’ve been reminded of how much difference a dog can make recently so thought I’d repost this 🙂


I was in a pit of despair, riddled with anxiety and paranoia. My life had been ripped from me by the diagnosis of MS, I knew too much yet nowhere near enough and from the bottom of that pit all I could see was dark clouds and lightning bolts of bad news.

I felt that my world, my life had ended. I saw no future except pain and the loss of my independence and no matter what the multitude of counsellors, psychiatrists, neurologists, nurses and GP’s said I couldn’t believe that there was anything else.

Then I saw the one silver lining in my life. I could finally get the dog that I had wanted to for the past few years but never had done as I was working too much and wouldn’t have time for it. I didn’t know how long I would be able to cope with it…

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