More questions than answers

I started this yesterday and didn’t know how to proceed without sounding like a whining, paranoid, google obsessed, hypochondriac.

I’ve decided there is no way to avoid most of those but I feel the need to write down my worries so…tough! 😉

Have you ever used google to look up your symptoms? I admit it’s a bad idea in most cases because even the simplest of symptom lists can give you some very scary results. However in some ways my scientific brain just can’t resist the temptation to try and figure out what’s wrong with me myself.

So…I looked the other day at the whole ‘coughing up blood’ thing because well…it was scary and I couldn’t not. Plenty of scary results, most of which I just ignored and when I went to the doctor managed to forget about most of them again.

Yesterday I went in for my blood results from last weeks fasting blood test, nothing to do with the chest infection but I did wonder whether anything would show up. Now most of it was clear, no deficiencies, no diabetes etc..all good so far right?

But then came that little phrase that it’s never good to hear…’Here’s something that’s unusual and I wouldn’t have expected…’ My levels of Serum Albumin are low (the proteins that make up the fluid surrounding blood cells) and my red blood cells are enlarged. Pretty much as soon as I got home I couldn’t resist looking up what they might mean.

The same thing keeps cropping up, with the cough, the albumin, the macrocytosis (big RBC’s) and it says TB. Tuberculosis, consumption, a nasty bacterial infection that caused a lot of deaths before antibiotics were discovered.

I wouldn’t have even thought twice about it except for the fact I never had my TB inoculations as a teenager, one of the few people around without a big dint in my left arm from the injection. Today when I see the nurse to have my blood stolen yet again I’m going to ask her about getting tested for it, if I don’t have it then I want the inoculation! With the paranoia about my health on a high I will mostly also be going to a sexual health clinic for a check up…not that there’s much chance of anything being there but still, I feel the need to check and make sure. That raises a whole load more issues mind you and it will be a toss up whether my anxiety about getting tested outweighs my anxiety about having something.

Okay, time to get ready to see the vampire again..hopefully she manages to find a vein as easily as last time.


11 thoughts on “More questions than answers

    1. Being generally unhealthy is not good in any case but when something new crops up it makes it so much worse! I hope you’re ok now Pam and that Sammie is looking after you! Xx

  1. I had a strange pain on my neck yesterday, on the front of it, around the throat, muscular pain, I could swallow normally.
    I went online and looked for something, I kissed a girl on Saturday (tongue and all I touched her soul) according to all the available things, I may have Mono, Syphilis and even AIDS lol
    Today I’m fine, so I guess my body cured everything.

    1. Lol you kissed a girl? Did you like it?! Did she taste like cherry chapstick? 😉 ah I’m great at finding worst case scenarios, give your body a pat on the back from me for curing whatever it was Xox

  2. I hope that you get the results you need to reassure you about what is going on. I look a lot of things up when I have symptoms as well. I don’t think it is a bad thing to do at all myself xx

    1. Thanks Carla, fingers crossed this week brings answers! I think its only bad if you suffer from paranoia already and struggle to dismiss the results that are obviously a bit of a stretch of the symptoms….I’m bad at not going for the worst option and terrifying myself lol xx

  3. ‘the vampire’! I bet she wouldn’t want to hear you say that!!

    I google my symptoms all the time. Doctors need to wake up, we do have minds and can put two & two together & it empowers us because then we ask them more questions.

    Good on you looking up your symptoms – I would! Best of luck, too.

    1. Lol wouldn’t be the first time I’ve called them one to their face, some laugh some look grumpy 😉 you’re right doctors sometimes need a nudge in the right direction, done it before and will do it again hehe.

  4. I too look up my symptoms all the time on the Net. Unfortunately all three times I checked on major symptoms turned out to be major health issues, and I was right all three times in the diagnosis. I do hope that has not turned out to be the case for you. I cannot imagine TB in this age?? You’ve only posted once since this turn of events, and I am deeply concerned. I hope you are busy recovering, and not suffering silently. Please update us on how you are as soon as you are able!

    Sending you thoughts of health and peace.

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