The anxiety Panther pounces

anxiety spirals out of control

no rhyme or reason and no way to slow

my heart as it races, the shakes in my hands

from waking it’s been this way

it’s how my life stands.


The triggers well known are nowhere in sight

so why do I feel like I’m ready to fight

that dark little knot in the pit of my gut

that screams I am guilty

no idea of what


There’s nowhere to run and there’s nowhere to hide

from my own insecurities, repression and pride

no way to distract

from the thoughts in my head

when the universe screams that I’m better off…….


5 thoughts on “The anxiety Panther pounces

    1. I wish I could figure out why it’s been so bad today, but there’s no reason that I can find that today is so much worse than it has been for a while. Ah well tomorrow is another day and hopefully I’ll get a decent nights sleep which might help xx

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