I turned 30…yeah big deal

Last year I turned 30, now my friends and people I know seemed to make a big fuss out of this when they did and tried to do the same to me. They didn’t quite get that I really don’t give a monkeys about my birthdays. I like a card, I like cake, but that’s about it! Long story short, my birthday is in the middle of the school holidays so I never really had the whole fuss at school, people often turned down party invites because they were away on holiday…I learnt not to expect an awful lot and now hate having to make a fuss about myself so why bother.

In the clear out I’ve been having of my house this past couple of weeks, I found my pile of 30th birthday cards and the version my sister and family had done for me. It was genius and made me smile so as much as I can’t stand the woman I will admit that it was a damn fine piece of thinking. If you want to smile, ignore my notes, ignore the ending of this post and smile away I won’t judge you or be upset 😉

Here’s what they did….

30th birthday c 30th bir

and yes they were right, I would like to be younger again. But with the knowledge I have of how things should be and how to stand up for myself (and preferably with a better big sister) so that I don’t end up this messed up!

30th birt30th birthday

I wouldn’t say that but I’m sure there were times when it was fun even if I don’t remember many of them. Plus when I was little I didn’t know any better, I didn’t know that my family life was not the idyllic scene that we all wish for.

30th b 30th birth

Yes I probably would have been offended if they’d got it a year or two out, but that much difference I think I would have got it…..I assume that this was just to fill a card and explain their intelligent comedy.

30th bi 30th

Woohoo! they got the maths right.

and with the cards I got a couple of silly things including a coke bottle with my name on it…not a full coke bottle, an empty one. Yeah, that’s what they think if me. OK so apparently the kids had insisted on sending it to me, but really? could they not have sent a full one and bought another one to drink? Bah

So if you ignore the background history of my sister and I, it’s a lovely gesture! It’s funny and shows affection but whenever a post about sisters comes up on facebook, an advert comes onto the telly saying about sisters or siblings and how important they are I sit and swear at it! I scream in my head “no they’re F&*$*&%g not! I wish I’d never known mine!!”

My family to a Tee. Abuse each other, ignore each other, treat each other like crap, but when it’s a birthday or Christmas then a polite card, a note and an obligatory gift to pretend that the rest of it was all BS.

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