Exacerbation…how I loathe thee

The definition of Exacerbation: A worsening. In medicine, exacerbation may refer to an increase in the severity of a disease or its signs and symptoms. For example, an exacerbation of asthma might occur as a serious effect of air pollution, leading to shortness of breath.

Until I was diagnosed I had used this word a handful of times. It had no real meaning in my life.

Once diagnosed with MS however it became an all too familiar concept, one that was to be dreaded, avoided if at all possible and when it happened….panic.

Usually my MS flares up or exacerbates when I get an infection or am run down through over doing things or stress. The first question asked by most MS nurses when you call up about a possible relapse will be do you have an infection? Have you been tested for a UTI? and when this exacerbation began I made a little drawing (I was going to base it on a scene from Shaun of the dead where they talk about exacerbating things but I got off track)


It’s not the best or most scientific explanation ever, but it kept me amused for an hour making it and it does give the general idea.

Time to go and take out my thrice weekly injection that tries to control this idiotic immune system of mine. According to the Neurologist I saw for my Bi-annual check in today it’s working pretty well, not that he ever sees with his test, the deterioration I feel happening slowly. I wish I was somewhere where I would get an MRI every so often that could show empirically what damage has been/is being done but unfortunately not.

Crossing my fingers this silly exacerbation goes away soon I can’t cope with the fatigue, spasms, vision problems that have come with it.


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