I’m not American

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I’m not saying it’s a bad thing if you are but I don’t want to be. This is more that I don’t like being made to feel bad about not wanting to do things the USA way, just because everyone else feels the need to emulate them.


I didn’t have a Prom when I finished Highschool and nor did I “Graduate”, I left and found out I had passed my exams later with no need for a big ceremony. Same goes for college, there was a “leavers ball” but no prom dresses were needed or limos (I didn’t go, we went to the pub instead).
So why do schools in the UK think it’s the norm now? and why is it getting to be for younger and younger transitions, cap and gown “graduations” for toddlers? Really?

The only place I “Graduated” from was University, complete with gown and pomp and circumstance.

I refuse to participate in “Black Friday” idiocy or queue outside any store for a sale to start on things that will still be on sale later that day and when there’s no chance of vicious, idiots attacking each other. Mostly because “black Friday” has no place in the UK where we do not celebrate Thanksgiving.

I will continue to call it Aluminium and feel it grate across my ear drums to hear it pronounced a-loo-min-um.

Biscuits are thin and sweet, come in many flavours and can if you wish be dipped in a cuppa. They do not go with gravy. As for bacon, well bacon should have some meat on it, come from the back of the pig and be able to be a meal in itself (mmmm bacon butty).
Chips are hot and preferably not so thin they’re like twigs, Crisps are just that…crispy snacks why confuse matters?

A cup of tea, made properly will solve many a problem that coffee just won’t cut it for no matter how nice the coffee is.
Beer; ale and bitter will always surpass fizzy stuff.
Whiskey whether Scotch or Irish of many types can not be substituted with Bourbon any more than tequila.

I embrace our, well sometimes eccentric spelling and will continue to encourage others to as well. So will continue to humoUr my neighboUr over the coloUr of their fence and apologiSe if I don’t recogniSe their Oestrogen fuelLed defenCe in our dialogUE without analySing it…..even if my computer hates me for it.

If someone proposes in the street/restaurant in front of me, I’ll watch and move on, you won’t get me to applaud.

I like my small car and these huge great blooming 4×4’s (SUV’s if you must) that everyone insists on now annoy me, they’re too big for our car park spaces and too tall to see around properly. Unless you live in a hilly region where it snows a lot, on a farm or somewhere that gets flooded regularly there’s just no need. Who doesn’t learn to drive a manual gear box? it’s not rocket science and the only reason I’ll change to automatic is if I have to for physical reasons.

The fact our police don’t carry guns as standard is a good thing, so is the fact not everyone can buy one at a shop that also sells groceries. Some people just should not be allowed to handle a deadly weapon and at least we try to control it (not well all the time but the effort is there).

A house has to be over a century old, at least from the Victorian era before I’ll agree it has historical significance in general. Since I grew up in a house nearly 300years old now  and with buildings from before the plague hit England within minutes of it, unless it’s got a few zero’s after it I don’t set much stock in it.

And my final annoyance of the American invasion through commercialism? The date makes much more sense to be in order from small to large category, day, month, year, muddling it around is just plain confusing!
While I’m on the topic what happened to the ordinal indicator?? I hold my breath at the point in any film advertisement to see if they use one and it often decides whether I’ll make an effort to watch it.
Don’t know what I mean by an “ordinal indicator”?
-th, -nd, -st, -rd…..ring any bells?
First, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth…..instead of one, two, three, four, five, six, I know Americans can use them because they refer to the “fourth of July” not the four of July but for some reason that’s beyond me they have often given up using them.
It’s infiltrated even adverts voiced by British accents, for our consumption too for some reason.

OK my ranting is at an end, I just had to get it off my chest as it was really bugging me today. We are British and I do hope our identity can withstand the pressure from television/ film/game influences to change that. No we’re not perfect and yes there’s plenty I would change, but the things we’re picking up seem to be about “one upmanship”, commercial obsession and frankly a little silly in some cases.

2 thoughts on “I’m not American

  1. “even if my computer hates me for it”. So true! Drives me potty being corrected when writing reports and the such like by a silly laptop who thinks he knows better. It’s behaviour not behavior!!

    1. I know, even when you set it to “UK English” it still can’t seem to accept some of the spelling >_< When I was writing scientific reports or lessons for when I was teaching it was a real bug bear that Oestrogen and paediatric weren't acceptable to microsoft lol.

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