We'll fight it

My mind has been splintering more and more so I have made this other page to try and take on some of the more…serious aspects. Toby and I will fight it all together but although he tries to keep me sane…this blog is necessary too.

16 thoughts on “We'll fight it

    1. He was the only thing I could think of when I was naming it, he’s my little furry rock, my reason to hang on to this world, to leave the house, to get up on a morning. I don’t know what I’d do without him 🙂 xoxox

  1. Just been trying to catch up. Thankyou for trusting me with the password. I find this raw writing of yours somehow ‘comforting’. I don’t for one moment wish you pain, but by identifying with your words here, helps me not feel so alone.
    So Thankyou.
    Love and Peace to you, Elyn ♡

    1. I know what you mean, knowing we’re not alone makes things a little easier to cope with. You were the first to get the password, one of the few I knew without a doubt would understand and respect that this is the harder side of things to write. Thank you, thank you for being on here xx

      1. You’re so kind to me, thankyou.
        I just wanted to let you know, I have only now seen you had nominated me for an award on the world of mentalists blog. THANKYOU. ♡♥♡
        However, I have asked for the nomination to be withdrawn, and my link to be removed. I hope you understand that I am really grateful you nominated me, but I really don’t want to be associated with that site, nor receive the added traffic.
        I was very surprised and flattered though 😳
        Your continued, precious support and friendship is enough for me.
        Love to you.
        Elyn ♡

      2. Of course I understand, I’ve been torn about removing some of those nominations as though they are people who deserve it they are struggling with trust just like you and me at the moment. I should have warned you about it sorry, it was on one of my impulsive days :S
        Love to you too hun xoxox

  2. I just saw your recent interaction with ‘that’ woman and her lists. And I want to applaud you. Your initial comment was clear and compassionate, and trying to help others. Whereas her’s was paranoid and plain weird. She has many problems, I suspect.
    But your comments there, display what a good woman you are.
    Thankyou. ♡

    1. Oh she has some serious problems as far I can tell, paranoia being just one of them. I can’t fault her for her mental health issues (pot, kettle, black lol) but I can’t see why she has to be such a FOUL woman! When I saw the list included so many of our little WP family I had to say something, so many of us make a concerted effort to keep our readerships small and here was this horrible person advertising their blogs in a way that although she tried to hide it made it obvious she thought they were lying.
      She didn’t actually listen to anything I said, just reread her reply and she was basically asking me to fight her lol….I don’t see the point when she obviously wouldn’t listen. I’m half waiting for her to write a post about ‘people who are so mean and snarky’ and mention my name lol.
      Thank you, I’m glad someone who read it understood my intent and I wasn’t as ineloquent as she made me feel! xoxox

      1. What you said was compassionate and brave and coherent, and you were sticking up for others who may not be in a position to be vocal. Definitely not ineloquent.
        As I said before, thankyou. ♡

  3. I don’t understand. Who keeps a list? I hate the idea of fellow WP people on some sort of list. That’s awful. If you wish to share your password with me, I will keep it safe. If not, that’s fine too. Do whatever you feel is right.

  4. Happy holidays I know you work a lot and are a busy person. So this will be a quick well wishing and reminder in this busy season to take care of your self!! So please take 10 min breath deep, have a cup of tea/coffee and know you are appreciated.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I hope you have had a nice relaxing time. Luckily I’ve got some time off work this week, I plan to make the most of it and try to recuperate! Love to you and yours, take care of yourself xx

  5. Hey, Mel. Canvas has kicked off our Blog For Mental Health 2013 campaign, and I pledged you, as you do so much in your blogging to help make mental, as well as physical health an open discussion. You can check out my post, here: Blog For Mental Health 2013 Is Here!

    I know you have (obviously) made this secondary blog (I actually pledged both this and your other, as I wasn’t sure), and you are welcome to put a pledge on either or both, whichever you are comfortable with. I would really love to see your contribution and get you on the official blogroll at Canvas, you do so very much to help bring light to this issue.

    Oh, and Toby can be pledged, too, as I know how much he helps you with this!


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