a bit of creation to ease stress

Since leaving my last job and going back to just helping out at the family business I’ve needed to keep busy.

Luckily enough a very good friend of mine is expecting her first baby so I had the perfect excuse to get out the wool and get creative. So first things first a crochet baby blanket in neutrals as she doesn’t know the sex and a few baby hats and mittens that are always good to have. I played with putting a pattern on a couple and got a little extravagant on the woodland theme!

Luckily enough I actually chose just the right colours to match the nursery 🙂

Then inspiration struck. I’ve seen a few different versions of very hungry caterpillar costume that photographers use and decided it needed “tweaking”.

For a start most of them were just a bag and as anyone who has had a baby recently (or like me just knows random facts) knows, that’s not safe for a baby to actually sleep in. So to make it usable I decided to add on the arm holes and fastenings so they can actually let the little one sleep in the sleeping bag with lots of space to kick around at the bottom.
This one I’ll give to them when the little one is finally here (she’s overdue now) with a copy of the book to read as well.

When another friend saw all these bits on facebook she asked me if I could do “something fairy or toadstool related” for her little girls bedroom. Again I went hunting for a pattern someone has already come up with and found a pattern on craftyiscool that I liked and decided to give a go.

Me and my tweaking, I can’t help it! but on this pattern the first one I made was pretty close to the pattern, just made everything in crochet without the felt for white spots and windows, then added some grass leaves on the back.

When my mum saw this she loved it especially the little gnome I’d made to just fit through the door. She asked about making a caterpillar to sit on top as in Alice in Wonderland because she was having a themed Macmillan coffee morning. I agreed I could come up with something and when we decided it would work as a game for people to win it I made a second one. The second version had a lot more “tweaks” because I removed the porch just putting on a door, made some 3D creeping plants to grow up the side, larger grass leaves at the back. People are still guessing his name this week so shhhhh I’m not telling 😉

Now as I said the reason I found that toadstool was the request of a friend. I suggested to her that it might be good to have something her daughter could use and decided upon a pyjama case. I made a rod for my own back in other words because guess what no one ever seems to have knitted before? that’s right a fairy toadstool house pyjama case or even a cushion. On went the thinking cap, doing, undoing, redoing and much much tweaking so tell you what here’s the “in the making” pictures I took to remind myself what I’d been doing.

the only thing I didn’t design myself completely was the lily of the valley flower petals. I can’t find where I got it from now! but if I do I’ll put a link. The rest is all my own minds weird wanderings and hopefully when her little girl gets it in the post in the next couple of days it will make her smile 🙂

So there you go. The last month and a half of wooly madness that has been going on.

I’ll leave the catch up on my life for the moment (it’s been busy and this is already quite long) I’ll leave it at…..Buying a bungalow!

OK back to my homeless hat knitting I go 😉


Premature Angel cocoons.

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I’ve been knitting and crocheting for charity the past year or so with a group on Facebook. We make blankets, hats, scarves, mittens, toys, you name it for those in need and it feels great to give a little bit of something to those who need it.

Quite often these knits are for the elderly or homeless, using free patterns we can find online where possible. But the thing that’s got my attention most recently is itty bitty things for newborns especially premature babies.

One of the hardest things a parent might ever have to deal with is the passing of an infant. No one can make it easy but if making something for them that will fit their tiny angel helps, I’m happy to do it.

With that in mind I designed a little crochet cocoon for Premature Angel babies, that I’ve attempted to write up and I’ll share on here for free (if you make it, sell them, share it, all I ask is that you give me credit for the pattern)

premie pouch

You’ll need:

  • a 4mm hook
  • Double knitting wool in baby soft
  • a needle to stitch in ends
  • a button to fasten.

The abbreviations I’ve used are US versions (though I’m from the UK they make more sense to me)
Ch- chain
SS- slip stitch
SC- single crochet
HDC- half double crochet
DC- double crochet

Main body:
R 1: Start with magic circle working in the round. Ch 3 then 7 DC into circle, SS into last chain on Ch3 (8)

R 2: Ch3 and 1DC in same stitch, 2DC in next 7 stitches and SS into last chain on Ch3 (16)

R 3: Ch3, *2DC, 1 DC* repeat around and SS into last chain on Ch3 (24)

R 4: Ch 3, *2DC, 1DC in next 2 stitches* repeat around and SS into last

the overlap on R

chain on Ch3 (32)


R 5: Ch3, 1 DC in every stitch. To create overlap of opening, work 1DC into back of first stitch of the round, 2DC into back of second stitch (35)

You will now be working in rows rather than rounds

R6-8: Ch3 turn, 2DC in 1st stitch, 1DC in each stitch around, 2DC in last chain of ch3 (44)

R9-12: Ch3 turn, 1DC around, 2DC in last chain of ch3 (50)
Cut yarn and sew in ends.

For the hood, working in rows

Join yarn on 22nd stitch of last row,
R1: Ch2, 1SC, 1HDC, 1DC in next 2, 1HDC, 2SC

R2: Ch1 turn, 1SC, 1HDC, 1DC, 2DC in same stitch, 1DC, 1HDC, 1SC in next 3

R3: Ch1 turn, 1SC, 1HDC, 1DC, 2DC in next 2 stitches, 1DC, 1HDC, SC in next 3

R4: Ch1 turn, 1SC in next 2, 1HDC, 1DC, 2DC in same stitch, 1DC in next 2, 2DC in same stitch, 1DC, 1HDC, SC in next 3

R5: Ch1 turn, 1SC in next 2, 1HDC, 2DC in same stitch, 1DC in next 2, 2DC in same stitch, 1DC in next 2, 2DC in same stitch, 1DC in next 2, 2HDC, SC in next 3

R6: Ch1 turn, 1SC, 1HDC, 1DC in next 5, 2DC in same stitch, 1 DC in next 3, 2DC in same stitch, 1DC in next 5, 1HDC, SC in next 2

R7: Ch1 turn, 1SC, 1HDC, 1DC in next 10, 2DC, 1DC in next 10, 1HDC, 2 SC.

Cut yarn and sew in ends.

pouch green
For the edging:

Attach contrasting yarn at the overlap. Ensuring even spacing of around 2 stitches for each loop.
Ch3, *SC into edge, Ch3* repeat around the edge and hood, finishing back at the overlap.
Cut yarn and sew in ends.




To go with the cocoon and give the parents something to keep or to bury with the baby as they wish, I used a tiny teddy crochet pattern by LisaAuch just adding a matching coloured  scarf or tie to go with the edging colour of the cocoon.

teddys cocoons



Yellow head emerge

bobbing in the wind and sun

signals spring is here

I was so happy to see this little little patch of yellow finally in my garden, so many of my daffodils have been showing promise but none of them have let their petals emerge till today 🙂 Fingers crossed this means all the others will be bobbing away in the wind soon too!

I’ve had my chest x-ray this morning, I have to wait a few days for the results so they should be through at about the same time as the bloods that were taken last week…I have a funny feeling it is a chest infection and waiting around for them to say I can take antibiotics to help clear it is so frustrating!

Ah well, in the mean time I’ve finally finished my Green Man project!



  I might need to put some form of backing on him so that all the leaves stay flayed out like this, crochet tends to like to curl up when left unattended 🙂 Knowing me I’ll probably add more to him even though I feel he’s finished at the moment, I’ll decide that he needs something a little extra, but for now he feels done. So the next project…well I’ll have to have a think and have a look to see what I can find inspiration wise. I definitely need something else to do since more muscles have decided to rebel against me. Anybody got any ideas as to what I can knit/crochet? I think the best one that someone suggested so far is to try and do some lace making with a simple scarf, either that or to make a cover for my walking stick to make it look pretty 🙂